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The New Collaborator (By The Collaborator)

Hey there. This is Xiang, Arca's comrade, and I am going to be blogging. For those of you who do not know me, although I suspect that I know some of you, you can leave a comment or question or something or sneak something in the survey. I've only contributed once before, which was the Waluigi/Wario story. In the future, I will try to make non-stupid posts that actually have some meaning and try to refrain from using semi-vulgar language (don't judge). Anyways, it would be nice if I got some suggestions for posts, cuz clearly, I have a way different writing style than Arca. There's a survey below for suggestions:

I am also aware that Arca has also made a post concerning the same thing, but just do it if you want.

Arca face reveal btw:


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