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Pokémon Detective Pikachu- Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

Image Credit: Warner Bros./The  Pokémon  Company Recently, the trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie brought along plenty of memes, disappointed fans, and affirmation of one long-lasting “fact:” The video-game movie adaptation curse is real. Ever since the infamous failure of the Super Mario Bros movie in 1993, nearly every single attempt by movie studios to make a decent movie based on a video game franchise has been poorly received by fans and critics. So, if you told the haters one year back that a live-action  Pokémon  movie was in the works, they would probably insist that it would turn out terrible. But luckily, one film seems to have broken that curse. One film based on a Nintendo franchise, with live-action pocket critters and the voice acting of Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. That film would be 2019’s Detective Pikachu, released a few weeks ago. I will be reviewing it today. Now, what exactly made video game movies in the past bad? Well, poor storylin

Thank you, Minecraft.

Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang As my childhood crumbles and fades away, I have had to say goodbye to many of the things I formerly held dear. Angry Birds? Irrelevant. Gravity Falls? Ended 3 years ago (yeesh, time flies). Google+? Shut down. Hotel? Trivago. But one of the biggest phenomenons that defined my childhood was the game Minecraft. The first version of the game was released exactly a decade ago on May 17 (two days ago, this post is slightly late), and know I guess I know why adults constantly say that they "feel old" whenever an aspect of their childhood is brought up. To think that Minecraft , of all things, was released 10% of a century ago... it's hard to wrap my head around just how much of my life it has been around for. This post serves as a sort of trip down memory lane of all the things that Minecraft has done for the lives of me and other kids worldwide, as well as a reflection on what made it so special and what exactly is next for the game. I,