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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 6 "Deal No Deal" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Hey guys, if you came here for the review only, feel skip the next three paragraphs where I talk about my life and stuff before clicking out and calling this clickbait. Ok? Thanks!

This is Arca, and welcome back to the very last ever March Edublog I will ever make on a Friday. Also the very last "schoolwork" one that I will make that will be reviewing a new Clone Wars episode. Today I still had to do work while simultaneously propping my foot up on a chair because if you didn't read about it in yesterday's post as to how it happened (, I recently accidentally broke or fractured my toe. Last night I found out for certain that this was the case when we videocalled a teledoctor (the only way to see a real doctor in the midst of this quarantine stuff) and they looked at my toe's purpleness and confirmed it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see an orthoped…

I broke my toe + My Reaction to Today's Surprise NINTENDO DIRECT MINI

Image Credit: Nintendo
Hello, guys, this is Arca. Last night, I was running down the stairs in the dark after my mom and Onur told me to rush downstairs to see a recently gone-viral funny video of some Italian priest guy who accidentally kept on activating flashy filters while doing a Facebook Live prayer livestream that was being held due to the coronavirus. But on the way to the living room, I made a sharp turn against the white portion of the wall at the very bottom that's pointy at a very high speed. I yelled in pain and skipped on one foot to the nearest couch. Looking at my pinky toe (it's not graphic, don't worry), it was quite pinkish purple and was bent slightly, and it hurt a lot. I had to spend the rest of the day as well as the night putting my foot on ice and struggled to fall asleep. I woke up once, hoping that the night was nearly over, but I looked at a small watch put next to my bed which showed that it was still 2:41 AM. Today, I did my virtual schoolwork…

Fallout Shelter is the REAL "most accurate" quarantine game

Background Image Credit: Bethesda, but collage done by me
Just two days ago, I made a list of relaxing games to take your mind off the quarantine (you can read that here: I forgot to mention one obvious one: Stardew Valley, a $15 game also available on PC, Mobile, Xbox One and PS4, about farming and living life in a peaceful, high-quality pixel-art-style village. That is just about a complete masterpiece of a game no matter the platform (even though mobile, while cheaper, lacks online multiplayer co-op) which share something in common with the games on that list from that post: It's about what people wish they could be doing in real life right now, but due to global health pandemics that let me finish all my work today prior to 1 PM (yay!), just can't.
But as for Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play mobile game also available on every platform including Switch?  Other than the fact that it is unironically better than Fall…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons being "Review-Bombed" by Fans Angry About its Local Multiplayer Situation

Image Credit: Nintendo 

I may be stuck at home without my pre-order copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shipped yet, and be forced to play Jedi: Fallen Order on my PS4 while Onur hoards our Switch to play The Touryst, but even when it arrives, sharing the game won't be as seamless as it could be. That's since Nintendo made it so that there is a one-island-per-console limit in the game. This was practice in previous Animal Crossing games, but there were ways around it on the Gamecube at least with multiple memory cards and I'm not sure about the 3DS. But to make consumers forced to buy not just another copy of the game, but an entire separate system if they live in a household where multiplayer wouldn't work out due to petty disagreements among siblings or family ("No! I wanted that tree there!" "But it's next to my house!"), or just want to be able to shape their own island, their own way. This particularly isn't good since in these stuck-…


Individual Images Credit: Nintendo/House House; but the collage was done by me.
Today was another day of virtual school, and our principal sent out an email yesterday that I didn't see until today saying that since NJ Governor Phil Murphy ordered all schools to remain closed until further notice, we'll most likely be doing virtual school for more than just this additional week. So I guess I'll be stuck indoors for the long haul, which as I wrote about yesterday, isn't very ideal. Anyways... Hey, you! Are you stuck indoors? Want suggestions of games to play on your Nintendo Switch during quarantine that are specifically themed after just having fun, relaxing, and doing all the things that you can't do whilst stuck indoors? Counting up to the very best possible choice (spoiler alert: it's Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which released last Friday, the day before my little brother's birthday (read my post about that, by the way:…

Actually, this is bad.

Image Source: Know Your Meme

Gulp. So, remember how I said I preferred virtual school to all of my previous experience in 9th grade going to school thus far? I still stand by that opinion. However, I think that the realities of this whole coronavirus thing have actually started to hit me, starting today of all days. I'm not one to panic or to compare it to a sci-fi film, but that's not what I realized. Factually, medical experts and professionals are currently working on ways to ease the pandemic and/or cure it all together, so I think it'd be safe to bet that it will be gone by the end of this year with a 99.99% certainty. Zika anyone? Ebola? Whatever other diseases (oh well, I'm not good at remembering previous outbreaks other than the Black Death, which is not a good example as it happened in the 1300s and involved fleas on rats, not viruses on bats). Anyways, the thing that I realized is that social distancing sucks.

Yes, I attempted to downplay this by saying that…

Trying to Host a VIRTUAL Party for Onur's 11th Birthday... + Animal Crossing Scavenger Hunt Surprise!

Before I start, I'd like to tell you all to please read the post about this on my little brother Onur's own blog, from his own point of view, since he talks about it in a much better way than I'll be able to explain in this post, and I won't talk about everything he mentions. It's very well-written and entertaining, and contains plenty of photos that he took himself (which, in fact, I'm reusing all throughout this post!):

Read it yet? No seriously, go and read it! Now!!

The coronavirus may have been able to take away (or delay for quite a bit) my little brother's planned retro arcade birthday party this year, but the greatest big brother in the world stepped up and dedicated hours to ensure that it would still be the best birthday day possible under the circumstances. For over a month, I had been preparing and planning for an ARG-like scavenger hunt for my little brother Onur…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 5 "Gone With a Trace" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm
This whole quarantine business allowed my school (and homework) to end around near only 1 PM (my school ended at 12:30 PM, and my left-over work was insignificant to not even take me past 1 PM including eating lunch). This is definitely better than regular school, and if you disagree, you're lying. Just kidding. People can have varying opinions, but some "opinions" are closer to the truth for some people more than others. Some may vastly prefer regular school and its face-to-face interaction (even though I think that Hangouts chats and video calls are plenty and still make me feel as if my classmates are right here... and then again, my best friends are now either are in other classes or in schools elsewhere in New Jersey), but I don't. That is since, as different people who have had different life experiences, and gotten different things out of each of those experiences, which shapes their "opinions", which sorry Achieve3000,…

Seeing my Blog Logo's Font in Other Places...

Well, today was my fourth day of virtual school, and it overall wasn't as great as the other days, mostly since I had some tests/quizzes to do. But overall, I still got done with everything far earlier. I maintain my opinion that I like it better than going to school. I think an adequate analogy, for those who still can't understand my reasoning, is this: Virtual school is like "diet school". It does all the essential things and has all the essential things to still be fundamentally "school" but without a lot of the bad stuff. Of course, being cut down to this state may deter many people from enjoying it and may prefer the non-diet version, but for others who take a look at the overall packaging and read the ingredients, they realize that it is much better for them (in this case mentally rather than physically, although also physically because home lunch is quite fresher than school lunch). 
Anyways, while I wait off the hype for Animal Crossing: New Horiz…

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