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Disney Pixar's Inside Out Movie Review + Inside Out Thought Bubbles App Available + DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 CONFIRMED! + Gravity Falls Content out for 2.0

Yesterday I watched Inside Out with my little brother.  My Rating:   I gave it five stars because it is a great movie. It was funny, interesting, and will keep you awake for the whole way. It shows you the real life connection between emotion and memory, expressed in a fictional way.  What it is about:    [NOTE: JUST IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET I WILL TRY TO KEEP IT AS SPOILER FREE AS POSSIBLE.] Have you ever looked at someone and asked yourself, what is going on in that person's mind?  That is the question that the movie starts out with. It is about a girl named Riley, and what goes on inside her head while she deals with moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. The show is run by five main voices, each representing a different emotion. They are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. But then  [ something goes horribly wrong ]  in "Headquarters", the part of his brain where the emotions control Riley's thoughts and actions. I won&#


Breaking News: Screenshots, promos, and even full episodes of upcoming season 2 episodes have been accidentally leaked online. A UK on Demand Service and even Disney Channel in Turkey and other European nations have leaked episodes 12 and even 13 of season 2  by accident. (Note: The Foreign Disney Channels didn't all show full episodes, they may have shown clips of them in promos.) NOTE: SHOWN BELOW IS NOT FULL EPISODE, JUST A VIDEO SHOWING A BRIEF CLIP FOUND IN A TURKISH PROMO DISCLAIMER: THE VIDEO ABOVE IS NOT BANNED CONTENT, JUST A PROMO IN TURKEY THAT IS ALLOWED  So many have taken the pledge not to share these stuff around. If you see this stuff, either don't watch it or flag it and tell Disney. Currently, all known sources have been blocked by Disney, and if you see any, please, and once again, please report it. Remember, we can all take the pledge: DON'T SPREAD SPOILERS!  Be a bit more patient. If you can wait until July 13, 9 PM (

Happy Father's Day 2015!

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there! Wishing you an awesome day for dads! That was today's Google logo.  Father's Day-

Minecraft Pocket Edition- 0.12.0+: A Look Into The Future (What May Happen Next) + Nether Confirmed!!! + My Own Ocelot and Crouching Concept

Sure, 0.11.0 made MCPE a lot closer to PC than ever before, but there is some left. What about potions? Ocelots? The Nether? The End? Redstone? Enchanting, at least? I have a great answer for that. Drumroll please... No one knows. That is why people make concepts about them to show what they may end up like. The one above is one I made myself. If you wish to learn how to do this, please see my previous post- Well, one thing has been confirmed for upcoming updates- The Nether. No one knows exactly when it will be added, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen in the next update or so. But we know one thing for sure: it will happen real soon. Another thing that is coming real soon is potions and enchanting. If you dig into the files of MCPE you can find potions, enchanting, and more, which isn't currently in the game. Quite a few have discovered this. So I can predict that in the

Gravity Falls Season 2: Episode 12- Author FAKE IMAGE MADE BY ME+ How to Do It Step-By-Step

Many have "leaked" fake images of Gravity Falls theories. The one above is my concept of what Season 2 Episode 12 may look like. How do I make images like these? No Photoshop needed. 1. What do you want your photo to look like? Start with a real image, called a "base photo". This was my base photo for the image I made. 2. Go to your Google Drive. Create a new document. Click on insert, then drawing. Something like this should pop up. 3. Insert your base photo. 4. From there, insert any images on top of this to render it. Make sure they have transparent backgrounds. In order to get these, go to Google Search, search what you want in images, go to search tools, and select "clip art". 5. "Save and Close". The image you see now is called your "secondary photo".Create a new document. Insert a drawing, and insert a photo of a TV onto the drawing. This is the  photo I used. 6. Go to the following

Gravity Falls Season 2: J.K. Simmons to Voice Author in Gravity Falls' Upcoming Twelfth Episode of Second Season, "A Tale of Two Stans" to Premiere July 13 at 9 PM

In "Not What We Seems", we found that Grunkle Stan has a six-fingered twin who is the author of the Journals. Many were happy and surprised that Stan's twin was confirmed. There are many reaction videos of it when the Author was revealed. The twelfth episode of the second season, "A Tale of Two Stan's", will focus on a backgrounds for all of this confusing new info. I think it will include a flashback featuring the Author, Stan, and Old Man MacGucket. Remember, this is my opinion, and it may or may not happen. But the title of the episode and the main idea was confirmed. Also, all these photos are real, and the ones you haven't seen yet are from the upcoming episode. It will premiere on July 13 at 9:00 PM. Can't wait! I will be in Turkey then, so I can either watch the Turkish version, or watch it online. It will feature a guest voice, J.K. Simmons, to voice the Author.  Yes, and I know this is disappointing for those of yo

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Update Full Version Out Now iOS and Android! New 0.11.1! No more beta builds! Download it For Yourself!

You probably saw Kitty Kat's post. For anybody who didn't know, that is just another member's name, and mine is Arca. We both make posts on this blog. I would like to show you MY review of 0.11.0 too. 0.11 added boats, fishing, colored text, squids, magma cube spawn eggs, skins, skin packs, world editing, renaming, and game mode changing. Plus multiplayer messages and status and all tools in creative inventory, redstone blocks (only to store redstone), and snowballs. It added exclusive dirt path blocks. It added several new features, but they would be WAY too long to all list here. Just no redstone or Nether or End. Sorry! It was still an awesome update, and I enjoyed the skins. Be sure to stay tuned and I will see you later. BYE!!!

Minecraft new update on P.E... #awesome!!!! [ARCA'S NOTE: 0.11.0]

[Written by Kitty Kat lover,  not  Arca.] The new minecraft pocket edition update is here at last. You can get skins, boats, squids, fishing rods, and you have the option to switch a creative world to survival or vise versa. So basically I put a wall of diamond ore in creative then switched it to survival. You probably can get the idea now. I want to get a custom cat skin but I didn't have the time yet. Also another thing I forgot to mention was the fact that you can make creative worlds stay day the whole time, not having to worry about putting torches everywhere. So all you have to do is press the update button and there you go! ~Kitty Kat Lover