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Spring Break 2015| I Visit the World Famous San Diego Zoo in California

Above: I pose in front of a gorilla statue to take a selfie. But the ape seems more interested in my ice cream cone than me... Hello, this is Arca. I'm currently on Spring Break, and my family is on vacation in California.  Today, we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo in California.  It is the most famous zoo and botanical garden in the world. Did you know?: In the first Madagascar movie, when the animals arrive in Madagascar, they think they have arrived at the San Diego. My dad says it was a once in a lifetime experience. He was right! First, we took a double-decker bus tour of the zoo. We got to see several parts of the zoo, so we could plan out where we wanted to see. After that, we started checking out the exhibits.  Some of the animals we saw were pandas, lions, parrots, giraffes, and polar bears. Above: Several peacocks wander around the zoo. I finally manage to get a close-up picture of one. The zoo was HUGE! Along the way we did get lost along a part of the zoo called

Happy Easter

[Written by Kitty Kat lover,  not  Arca.] I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and ate a lot of chocolate! (One thing I know is that I did!)

Movie Home Evaluation

[Written by Kitty Kat lover, not Arca.] On Good Friday. my friend and I went to see Dream Works Home. It was really good so I would give it a...  Here is my movie review for it. [SPOILER ALERT] I won't spoil too much but just to be safe. Home teaches you about love, family, and fitting in. I think it is also very emotional movie at some parts. It is very funny and enjoyable for the family. However at the end, I believe it trails off a little bit and makes it hard to follow. But that's just my opinion. Summary: "Oh" the main character who is a purple alien (top left) has made a mistake (I won't say what) and it puts him in big trouble. Tip. (center) is on a journey to find her mom with her cat, Pig. (bottom right) when she runs into Oh. She and Oh travel together to find her mom and save the world from Gorge, who keeps on attacking Oh's species. When Oh becomes captain of his people. he realizes that the reason Gorge keeps on attacking them because

Happy Good Friday!

[Written by Kitty Kat lover,  not  Arca.] Happy Good Friday everybody who celebrates it. Hope you had a good Friday!

Rovio to make a Angry Birds Star Wars 3!----APRIL FOOLS!

Rovio was very successful at making both of the Angry Birds Star Wars games. Now, with the release of the new Star Wars films coming out, they are working on a new game: Angry Birds Star Wars III! We should hear more about this pretty soon. And of course, you can obviously tell I am "NOT" lying because today is April Fools' Day, the day when you can't trust anything you read on the internet. Be sure to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more on This and That, Here and There. Thanks for 2000 views! Bye!