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GOODBYE (for now)

This post serves as a temporary goodbye for my blog. Due to a plethora of responsibilities that I will have to deal with soon, I have officially decided to announce the first ever scheduled hiatus in my blog's history. This means that, not only will I not be able to make new posts myself, but there will actually be a set date which I will continue making them. In the past, there have been times which I would stop blogging for a while, but this time is different. Now, I am doing it voluntarily. This means that anything I originally had planned to publish between now and November 16th is effectively put on hold. Luckily, I didn't exactly have much planned: Just one post. It was going to be a collab story themed after Halloween. I have decided to cancel it for this year. It will no longer be published in time for this Halloween. I am sorry to all whom I may have promised a role in it in advance (Burak included among them). This does not mean that you guys will not get a c

Turkey Trip 2018- Final Week 3: Bursa & Yalova + IMPORTANT Announcements

Hello, guys. This is Arca, and I will be writing about the final week of my annual Turkey trip. I wrote a post that covered the first two weeks of my trip, about Ankara and Bodrum. You can see that here: This post is ridiculously, hilariously, extremely delayed, as you may have noticed. But that's for a good reason, which I will get into at the end of the post, so read on if you're curious. Anyways, on to the main part of this post! So, a quick recap of what happened leading up to our third week: We stayed in Ankara, the capital city, first, for a week to stay with my mom's side of the family. Then we spent another week in Bodrum, at a beach resort. Finally, we went to Yalova, across from Istanbul, and that is where the final week of our Turkish adventure begins... The first few days, I found myself in my grandma's house, an apartment where both she and my uncle Zafer were staying. I s