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GOODBYE (for now)

This post serves as a temporary goodbye for my blog.

Due to a plethora of responsibilities that I will have to deal with soon, I have officially decided to announce the first ever scheduled hiatus in my blog's history. This means that, not only will I not be able to make new posts myself, but there will actually be a set date which I will continue making them. In the past, there have been times which I would stop blogging for a while, but this time is different. Now, I am doing it voluntarily.

This means that anything I originally had planned to publish between now and November 16th is effectively put on hold. Luckily, I didn't exactly have much planned: Just one post. It was going to be a collab story themed after Halloween. I have decided to cancel it for this year. It will no longer be published in time for this Halloween. I am sorry to all whom I may have promised a role in it in advance (Burak included among them). This does not mean that you guys will not get a chance to participate in a collab story at all this year. Once Thanksgiving rolls around, I might actually make a Thanksgiving-themed story with you guys. I can't guarantee it, but since I will finally be free of my current tasks, I can say it is decently likely.

Instead of just leaving my blog to hibernate until then, I have made another decision. Since my little brother, Onur, volunteered himself to do it, I will be giving him the author access to this blog. So, if he wishes, he will be able to write some posts to fill the gap when I'm busy. He will have this privilege for at least the next five weeks. Again, its completely up to him if he wishes to post something or not, but I think he's fit for the role. After all, he's now a fourth grader: The same exact age that I was back when I started this blog.

So I guess this is where I say a temporary farewell. Wish me luck.

This is Arca, signing off for the last time until Thanksgiving-ish. If any posts are made from now until then, it's not me writing it, it would be my little brother, Onur.