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Kids Choice Awards 2017- Online Voting Now Open

This year's annual KCAs (Kids Choice Awards) have been announced to premiere on Saturday, March 11 at 8 PM on the channel Nickelodeon. This year's host is... LITERALLY JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding. The WWE wrestler has been announced this year's host. Well, I guess anything can happen. After all, this is a country where memes have their own movies, become president, and I guess host the KCAs as well. You are now able to cast your votes online here: Some of the notable nominees include the game Minecraft: Story Mode and the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story .  _________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed this post. Check for new posts and help me reach 50 thousand views! I am currently past 37,500.  Here is my previous post: See you next time! BBBBYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!

NASA Discovers Seven Earth-Like Exoplanets That Have a Good Chance of Harboring Ingredients For Life

In the distant constellation of Aquarius, one of NASA's telescopes has spotted a system of seven exoplanets orbiting a small sun. This new discovery was live-streamed earlier today. Even though all of these could potentially have life, scientists are particularly interested in the area known as the "habitable zone", the distance from a sun that has the perfect conditions suitable for life. Above is an artist's model of the system. Of these planets, two are in  the"habitable zone".   One of them is called TRAPPIST-1d. This stands for Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope in Chile. This discovery also breaks the record for the most amount of Earth-like exoplanets found in one system. As displayed on the chart above, they have very short and fast revolution periods. For one of them, a year would be only 20 days! Because of these very short rotation periods, the planets would offer a very beautiful view if you stood

Meet New Zelandia, Earth's New Eighth Continent

How many continents are there? Yes, I'm sure you learned in kindergarten that there are seven continents. But earlier today, scientists published a study in the Geological Society of America's Journal that argued that Zealandia, a landmass next to New Zealand that is mostly hidden below sea-level, should be considered to be a continent. I know that maybe you don't consider a blog by a twelve-year old kid to be accurate or reliable, but I'm serious. Don't believe me? The GSA, a group of scientists, made this article about it: It has been known that this could be a possibility for quite a while, actually. Geologists noticed that off the south coast of New Zealand, there was a very  diverse kind of rock, similar to a landmass itself. I could be distinguished from simply the ocean floor.  I wont get into all the fancy science reasons for it myself. But basically, I will na

"LEGO Batman Movie"- Review [featuring Batman himself]

Hi guys today I will be doing a review of the LEGO Batman Movie! I watched it yesterday with my neighbor Young, as well as with my little brother Onur and his friends Justin and Danny.  My Rating (Out of 5 Bats) Sorry about that guys. Batman got so mad at me that he threw batarangs all around the picture! Anyways, I chose to rate this movie 4.3 out of 5 bats. What made you want to do that! I'm Batman. Yes, Batman. I heard you. And everybody knows your name. You don't have to keep saying "I'm Batman." The point is, why did you rate this movie that? I, as Batman myself, would rate it 5 BATS!!! I think the movie was actually pretty good. Better than the original LEGO Movie back in 2013. It had a lot of funny parts in it. It also had some cool references to other superheroes, and even a short appearance from Voldemort himself (from Harry Potter ). It also had some nice action scenes. However, the movie kind of was hard to follow at some

Star Wars News | Rey's New Look for "The Last Jedi" and What it Means

Disney has unveiled an official image of Rey's new look in the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi . This post will be an analysis of why they changed it and what it means for the future of Rey's journey to be a Jedi. In case you didn't know what Force Friday is, is is a day of the year when Disney and Lucasfilm start selling products for the next installment of Star Wars. It usually happens in December. It starts at midnight and fans flock to their local stores to buy and check out everything from Star Wars action figures, books, clothing, Lego sets, and even cooking utensils and lip stick (saw it in a commercial once). Basically, it is great for any fan of Star Wars or any geeky collector to go crazy because of. Disney released the above image as an example of what a Force Friday product package may look like. It is basically a fill-in-the-blanks image that they can expand upon later. The most eye-catching part of this is obviously the images of

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! (2017)- New Google Logo Game

Today is Valentine's Day! Google has been releasing a new logo for the 4 days leading up to this occasion. It is a playable game, with a new level released each day. You use the arrow keys to move the pangolin around and the spacebar  to jump. Each level takes place in a different country, where you are trying to collect something to help the animal impress his love (flowers, cake ingredients, music notes, etc.) within a certain time limit. Day 1 took place in Ghana, Day 2 took place in India, Day 3 took place in China, Day 4 took place in the Philippines, and Day 5 (today) takes place in another country as well. If you want to play the complete collection of levels, you may click here: Despite the fact that the game is obviously about love, it has another purpose as well. The cute, ball-shape animal in the game is called a pangolin. According to the Google Doodle info page, it is the only mammal in

TTHT has reached 30 thousand views!- Q&A Answers to your questions!!!

Two weeks have passed since I reached 30,000 views. In that time I gained an additional 4,000 views. And yet... I still haven't made my special post for it yet! In case you remember, a month ago I made a post with a link to a Google Form where anyone could ask me questions and I may answer them once I reach 30 thousand views. The time has come to do so! First of all, I would like to say a big fat THANK YOU to all of those who helped me get to this goal. Without your help and support, my blog would never had reached to the point it has now! In fact, I may have given up blogging in the beginning if I had never reached my first words. So to emphasize this, I may as well bold and italicize it: THANK YOU!!! Due to the amount of submissions I received, I can not show them all in this post. Also, not all of them were even questions. (Yes, I'm pointing to you, those people who just spammed stuff like "john cena blah blah shrek" as their response!) This po