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Angry Birds 2 Game Out Tomorrow???? New Silver Bird!

Yes ! My dream came true! There is going to be an Angry Birds 2! And it will be released tomorrow, July 30! HYPE!!! As seen in this image, there will be an all new bird, the Silver Bird! I wonder what its power will be... The graphics look very different! Matilda looks like she is from Angry Birds Toons, and the colors are brighter and more vibrant. Here, we see Silver in action! Now, the trailer was too fast so I couldn't see her power. Some bird will cause pigs to grow big and can shoot lasers! Weird! Also, as shown on the top, there will be an all new level system. See that? It's coming July 30! That's tomorrow! Can't wait until tomorrow and see ya'll later! BBYYYYYYYEEE!!!

Gravity Falls "A Tale of Two Stans" today at 8:30 PM on Disney XD (NotDisney Channel) +Tune Into it and tell your friends to do it too- itbenefits the show + New Screenshots from Season 2.5 trailer at ComicCon 2015 San Diego

Let me just jump straight into the photos to make you even more hyped! Stanley (Grunkle Stans Identity) walking throught snow to get to the Mystery Shack. Stanford (author) going through the portal for knowledge. Fiddleford (McGucket) receiving a phone call, most likely from the Author, as they have worked together a lot. Mabel holding a card she made with a drawing of both of her and Dippers Grunkles. Aren't they adorable together? The Stan twins explore a hidden cove in Glass Shard Beach during their childhood. The Stan Twins adjusting their glasses in present day, after the Author walks out of the portal. The government agents near the mystery shack, most likely to arrest Stan. VailsKBaum94, a Gravity Falls theorist YouTuber, says that they probably won't be able to, since their mind will be erased by the Memory Wiper. A code in the book Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun says, "The governme