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ANNOUNCEMENT: Leaving for Turkey! (July 2017)

I haven't been posting every day recently, and I apologize for that. My posts still have been frequent, but more like every 1-2 days. This is a very important announcement.  As of the time I post this, I would have already left for the airport to go on vacation to Turkey. Last year, I made a post once a week where I would show photos and discuss what I did and where I visited that week. Here are last year's Turkey trip posts: This year, I plan to do the same thing with making a post once a week, and occasionally some regular posts in between. In my first week, I will be in both Yalova and Bursa to see my entire family at my cousin Mehmet's wedding. During the second week, we will go to Ankara, the capitol of Turkey, to see my mom's side of the family. On the third week, we wil go to the beach in Bodrum. Can I reach 80 thousand views by the end of the month?  Three weeks later, (on th

Anime Based On Splatoon Confirmed

A Japanese magazine called CoroCoro announced that the squid ink shooting game Splatoon will get its own anime adaption on the magazine's official YouTube channel . The series will start on August 12. CoroCoro already has a manga mini-comic about Splatoon in its magazine about the inklings in a fun-filled turf war. Splatoon 2 is coming out for the Nintendo Switch in the US, Europe, and Japan on July 21, this Friday. (I will be on vacation in Turkey that day, so I can't get the game right away.) _______________________________________________________________________________ I realized that this post is pretty short, but there isn't much to say about it anyways. Thanks for reading anyways! Thank you all for over 75 thousand views! Can we reach 80 thousand by the end of the month? BBYYYYEEE!!!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Battlefront 2 - New Behind the Scenes Videos + Posters

Recently, the D23 expo gave us a lot of new info about the future of Star Wars. The most exciting of it all was that we got an amazing behind-the-scenes teaser on the set of The Last Jedi . You can watch it below: This is an exciting behind-the-scenes video in which not only do we get some new footage from the upcoming movie, but also what the cast thinks about it. This also includes some cool action shots and even a possible lightsaber duel between Rey and Kylo.  Battlefront II is the sequel to 2015's Star Wars shooter game Battlefront . This new game will have new content from The Last Jedi , and a story-mode that takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens . A behind-the-story video was released for the game, which you can watch below: We also got 6 new posters for The Last Jedi . The posters are each a picture of the main characters of the film: Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo, Luke, and Leia. They all don't show their eyes, and the characte

Despicable Me 3- Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched the movie Despicable Me 3 with my friends Ali and Burak. I will be doing a movie review of it in this post.  We went to a dine-in theater, basically one in which you can order food and your theater seat has a table in front of it. We ate dinner while watching the movie. My Rating: 3.9/5 stars I rate this movie 3.9 stars out of 5, almost 4 stars but I didn't give it 4 stars since that seemed too much.  I enjoyed this movie and all, but it isn't as good as the other Despicable Me movies. The original was the best, and the second was wasn't as good as that. As more of these movies come out, the quality decreases.  The movie has some very funny scenes that I think make up for the sometimes dull plot. Plus, it has minions in it! Who can complain about that?  All the Despicable Me movies, even with their poop jokes and wacky villain fights, still have somewhat of a heart and emotion to the story. The first film did this best

Get or regret?: The 9 Dollar Disney Infinity for 3DS

Disney Infinity was a popular crossover game series in which characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars would be in a toys-to-life game. Look "Disney Infinity" up, since there is no point of me explaining the premise of the game in this post. The first game of it came out in 2013.  Development of it was cancelled early in 2016. After that, starter kits of the game went on sale everywhere for extremely cheap. It so happened that I came upon a starter kit of Disney Infinity for the 3DS, and it only cost $9 at Walmart. Sounds like a steal, right? Not so fast. I expected a full Disney Infinity game, with building mode and all. This was not that in any means. Inside the box, you get the game card itself, a playset piece, a wireless base, and three of the standard starter figures you get in other starter kits. It was called "Toy Box Challenge" for a reason. It isn't the actual game. It is simply a collection of mini-games. The "Toy-Box&

Book Review: "Restart" by Gordon Korman

(Before I begin this post, I would like to point out that it is my buddy Josh's birthday today. Have an awesome b-day!) I am sorry for not always posting every day. When I get home from camp, I have piano, chlorine sickness (AKA swimming), and other stuff. I mostly post every 1-2 days, and will try to continue doing so.  Last week, I made a book review of the "Masterminds" Series by Gordon Korman (you can see it here ). I posted a link to this post and asked him a question on the official Gordon Korman reader's forum website ( ) and he actually answered! This time, I read another one of his books, which a stand-alone novel not part of a series. It is called "Restart", and I will be reviewing it. Rating: 5 stars I personally really enjoyed this book, and I liked it even better than all of the books in the Masterminds series. This is because even though Masterminds was very act

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny-- A new animated mini-series, is it good?

A new Star Wars animated series has been released. And no, Star Wars Rebels hasn't ended yet, but it is on its fourth and final season. This new series is called Star Wars: Forces of Destiny , and it features several mini-shorts uploaded to the Disney YouTube channel that all feature a female main character from the Star Wars universe. They are all 2-3 minutes long, and the animation style is 2D, unlike how the Clone Wars and Rebels shows had 3D animation.  You can see a sneak peek below: Here is a link to the full playlist of episodes, which will be updated every day: Many people's reaction to this was, "Oh no! Feminism has ruined Star Wars!" In response, Disney has said that Star Wars is basically for all ages and genders so it shouldn't matter since Star Wars can be enjoyed by anyone. So that means that even men should be able to enjoy watching it. It is meant to

Top 10 New Characters That I Want to be In Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

(The image above was edited entirely by me, and took forever to make. Remind me to get PhotoShop... Google Drawings isn't exactly easy too make transparent backgrounds on. This is a concept poster for what the game might be like. I put the source at the bottom at the image so that even if this image is spread around the web, the original owner [me] is still known. The rest of the images in this post aren't edited made by me, and I found them online.) Super Smash Bros is a game that hasn't officially been announced for the Nintendo Switch just yet, but it is pretty obvious that it will come to the system at some point. Not only is it highly requested from fans, and would make Nintendo a lot of money, but Reggie himself has stated that the company will focus on "bring classic franchises, such as Mario, Kirby, and Smash Bros  in games" for its  new system. If it is a new game in the series, they will obviously add many new fighters. If it is simply just

Fourth of July Fireworks in New York City (Video)

I took a video yesterday of the Fourth of July fireworks I saw in New York City! In case you didn't see fireworks yesterday, you may want to watch it. Even if you did see some fireworks, these ones are still very cool. It  also shows a view of the Freedom Tower and the Hudson River at  night-time. 

Happy Fourth of July! (2017)

Happy Fourth of July to all! And Happy Birthday to America!  Above, you can see today's special Google logo. This morning, I went to the beach and then came back to my house. Later today, we will go to one of my parent's friend's apartments in Jersey City, right next to New York City. There, we will watch fireworks next to a night-time view of NYC. We also did this last year. I recorded some of it and uploaded it to YouTube. Can't watch fireworks yourself? No problem! Here are some videos I took last year of the NYC fireworks!  I will also record them today and upload them tonight and then put links to them by updating this post.

Is the Nintendo 2DS Still Worth Buying in 2017?

Hi guys! This is Arca. I remember that about a year ago I got a Nintendo 2DS. What is that, you may ask? Think of it as the exact same thing as the handheld portable system of the 3DS, except (as the name suggests) it can't make images in 3D. With the Nintendo Switch being already released two months ago, many people probably aren't considering a 2DS anytime soon.  The official price of the Nintendo 2DS is $80 if you find it on store shelves. Due to the fact that it isn't very popular anymore, it will be very easy to find. I remember  last summer I found it right away when I went to Best Buy. Not only is this $80 price point very affordable compared to hundreds of dollars for other gaming devices, this price also applies to box bundles. In bundles, you can get the system plus a game in the same box for the same price. The most common bundle is with Mario Kart, which is a very fun game that would have been sold for an extra $30 separately .  The most obvious dif

There Won't Be a Star Wars Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017

The annual San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC, for short) of 2017 will begin on July 20, not far from now. This is an expo where all kinds of things are showcased: Marvel, DC, and usually Star Wars. This year, however, it is confirmed that there will not be a major Star Wars event at SDCC. According to the The Unofficial SDDC Blog , when SDCC executives reached out to Lucasfilm for a confirmation, and they said, "Our presence at SDCC 2017 will be focused on our booth on the convention floor, so there will be no press events or interview opportunities this year."  This means that unlike previous years, there will be no Star Wars panel or discussion on stage at SDCC. However, there will still be a Star Wars booth. This means no second trailer for The Last Jedi just yet. If you want to see that, just wait until Disney's D23 expo. Reportedly, Star Wars  will have a huge presence there. A new Last Jedi trailer is almost guaranteed to happen during D23.  As for the u