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You already know what day today is. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! You can see today's Thanksgiving themed Google logo above. Today is a day to give thanks and celebrate with friends and family. I will go over to my parents' friend's house later on today, and I will have a feast there later today. I will bring my iPads to their house. I plan to use my Blogger app to start working on my post for my month-long delayed Minecraft PE 0.16.0 update review. I may also edit and upload a YouTube video while I am there. Stay tuned for my posts on these things! Happy Thanksgiving to all! ~Arca

TTHT has reached 20 thousand views!- Bronze Blogger Award, Blog Upgrade 6.0, and MORE!

Our goal that I set 9 months ago has been reached- This and That, Here and There has finally reached 20 thousand views! Thank you for all those people who have supported me and helped me along the way! However, this post will not be dedicated to shout-outs and acknowledgements, unlike my special post for reaching 10 thousand views. As you already know, every time this blog reaches a goal for its amount of views, I make a special post for it. My special post for reaching 1 thousand views was a short history of my blog so far. When I reached 5,000 views, I did a behind-the-scenes post. When I reached 10 thousand views, I made a post to thank everyone for all the support they have given me. As I promised, I had a surprise ready for once I reached 20,000 views. We reached it a week ago, and I have been working on the surprise since then.  And the surprise is... a bronze award! As you know, YouTube sends awards called Play Buttons to YouTuebrs who get certain amount of

HALLOWEEN TRICK-OR-TREATING 2016! (This post is 10 days late, sorry) Kylo Ren, Bill Cipher, and Yoda vs. Candy + AABO Show Haunted Hayride Vlog

Above: Some of the kids from Xiang's trick-or-treating group. This is only a few of the kids, there were probably around 20 of them! Hello guys! Halloween was more than 10 days ago. I know that you are wondering, where is my trick-or-treating post? Don't worry, I finally have made one! Enjoy, and I hope that you also had a great Halloween :) NOTE: I got all of the images on this post from my friend Xiang's trick-or-treating post on his blog. You can see that here: Anyways, I started trick-or-treating at around 3:30. As you very well know, I was Kylo Ren and my little brother Onur was Yoda. At first, we went with my neighbor Young. He had to go to church later on, so we didn't get to collect much candy with him. Besides, it was so early that most people weren't home from work and school yet! (Except for us, since MMMS ends at 2:30 and we are home by 2:40 or 2:45.) After Young left, I

TTHT Blog Announcement (November 2016)

Also, be sure to vote in this Google+ poll, giving me your opinion about when I should release upgrade 6.0!: (Note: You need a Google account to vote on it.)