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Pixar's "Onward" Movie Review (spoiler-free)

Image credit: Disney/Pixar
Hello, everyone. This is Arca, and this will be a review of the brand new animated film from Pixar, Onward. It only released in theaters a month ago, yet due to the virus, was put on Disney+ streaming last Friday. That would be probably 7-8 months ahead of schedule had the virus not happened. So I watched it with Onur and my mom late at night on Friday after seeing that it had appeared free to stream on Disney+. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts.
The basis of the movie is that it takes place in a fantasy-esque world that has moved on from magic and evolved into a more "modern" world, with cars, smartphones, and convenience stores. This is a pretty funny idea that allows many clever and legitimately laugh-out-loud jokes and gags to be used all throughout the movie. I know this is probably a controversial opinion, but I actually like the setup inherently better than that of the Disney Animation Studios film Zootopia (no, it's not a Pixar film). T…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 7 "Dangerous Debt" Review (spoiler-free)

Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney via /FILM

Hello, this is Arca. I hope you are all safe and healthy and well. I will be reviewing Episode 6, titled "Dangerous Debt", of the final season of The Clone Wars, which released yesterday.

This episode continues after (spoiler alert for the previous episode), Ahsoka and the Martez sisters' attempt to complete a job to bring spice to the Pyke crime syndicate from the planet of Kessel (complete with the same aliens from Solo: A Star Wars Story!) completely fails and they are thrown into captivity and forced to answer to a crime boss. Obviously, they will try everything they can to escape and get themselves out of their mess, and a bit of character development will happen along the way.

So, what did I think of it? I think it was almost identical in quality to the previous episode, mostly. There are still real moments of suspense and intrigue, and the backstory of the Martez sisters actually becomes quite a bit more interesting and emo…

Nintendo Heavily Rumored to be Releasing EVERY 3D MARIO GAME EVER on the Switch!

Image Credit: Nintendo  
Hello, everyone, this is Arca. You may be surprised to see me writing this here, especially after my post yesterday, on the 1st of April, about quitting using Blogger, among numerous other things. Well, I tried using Hubpages for two seconds before I gave up because of how needlessly complicated it is. Yes, that entire post was obviously an April Fools' joke right down to the loud blasted musical callback to my super-old YouTube videos in the video I made for it, and the HTML of the post literally being visible within the post itself. But all jokes aside, I kid you not, go ahead and go to Hubpages for a second. Try making a blog in just 30 seconds without being confused as to all the random fields to fill out and requirements to meet before I could even publish a single post saying "Hello world"! No wonder they had a tutorial button at the start, yeesh.

Anyways, on to the news: If you've been following Nintendo News websites or YouTube channe…


This is Arca. As of today, I will be making several key changes to this blog. Watch the video above at 3:00 AM on Wednesday (this post is scheduled to publish itself at midnight) to learn the details. But whatever you do, don't use fidget spinners at 3 AM!!!!<br />
<br />
To summarize:<br />
<br />
<li>I will leave this blog, likely for good.</li>
<li>I will switch (likely permanently) to using Hubpages, which is the company that acquired Squidoo, my third-grade blog platform.</li>
<li>Xiang will be free to do whatever he wants on this blog.</li>
<li>The AABO Show is cancelled.</li>
<li>Taner Baran is now my primary YouTube channel. I am quitting using Arca Baran.&nbsp;</li>
<li>If you're wondering about that epic music in the background, its name is Darude Sandstorm. You're welcome.</li>
<br /></div>…

Finally, I get to not have to copy and paste into Edublogs. Phew.

Long... have I waited. And now, your coming-together, is your undoing... of being able to continue blogging. Who am I addressing right now? All of my peers who are relieved to stop blogging for life at the end of this project. I may be relieved, but for other reasons. Namely, now I don't have to rush to create a post on a day that I don't feel like it or it was too late, and also I don't have to remember to copy and paste the first paragraph plus a link on my "Edublog" class page so that my classmates get exposure to it and my teacher knows which posts do and don't qualify as Edublogs on this blog this month (in short, it's literally every single post I've put on this blog in March minus literally just one post written and published entirely by my new contributor, Xiang). Basically, if you have been confused throughout this month as to what an "Edublog" is, it's a post on a class blog for my English credit that I'm receiving extra cr…

My 4 Favorite Web Apps (and how I would fix each one)

Hello, everyone, this is Arca, and this is my second-to-last "edublog". Today I decided to write about a type of thing that we've all been using a lot of during this quarantine situation, which is a web app.

Web apps are programs that can be run in a browser like Google Chrome as a website, or for some, alternately downloaded to a computer. It runs all of its processes over the web, but behaves like an application, which is why it can be called a "web app". I have listed just a sample of 5 of my "favorite" ones and briefly described what I like about each of them and why, and as well as some constructive criticism of each of the programs. Let's face it, even the best thing in the world has some faults, since nothing is perfect. 


Discord is great since it has done as much as possible to be an all-inclusive chat and community platform designed specifically for gamers, regardless of platform. It runs on PC or phone and tablet, which means less …

WELCOME TO OUR MINE ♫ (there are diamonds inside... ♪ )

Hello guys, this is Arca, and as yet another last-minute blog post to almost wrap up March Blogging Madness, I will talk about what things I did today. So, I woke up in the morning at near 7:30 AM and ate breakfast at around 8:30 AM. Then, I played too much more Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, beating Chapter 2 (which I thought would be the end), but nope, apparently there's a Chapter 3 now! I never expected to play so much of this game in only a matter of two days, but if there is indeed a Chapter 4 I don't think I'll be playing it. I'm not in a 100% completion mindset at all, I'm just trying my best to beat it efficiently. The game is not difficult... like, at all, even if some puzzles take longer than others if you mess up by falling off a ledge or not realizing that there's a goomba right behind you.

After I realized I should take a break already, I started to read my book instead. I am currently reading Warcross by Marie Lu, which I borrowed from a librar…

What I've Been Doing Today

Hello guys, this is Arca. It took me thirty minutes straight to create the image collage above, but I'd say it was worth it. Background image sources and individual Toad character credits go to Marvel Studios and Disney, and Nintendo. Anyways, since it's already pretty late according to my parents' standards, I need to create a daily blog post. Normally I wouldn't have to be prefacing the post by saying something like that, but I guess here we are. So, what have I been doing today from start to finish?

Well, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed with my broken toe (read here to learn how that happened: I spent the first part of my day doing homework and studying. Then, after being inspired by a video by Nintendo Life giving advice on how to tackle my gaming backlog, I decided to focus my energy on playing just one game at a time for now, and I chose one of the games I was the closest to …

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 6 "Deal No Deal" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Hey guys, if you came here for the review only, feel skip the next three paragraphs where I talk about my life and stuff before clicking out and calling this clickbait. Ok? Thanks!

This is Arca, and welcome back to the very last ever March Edublog I will ever make on a Friday. Also the very last "schoolwork" one that I will make that will be reviewing a new Clone Wars episode. Today I still had to do work while simultaneously propping my foot up on a chair because if you didn't read about it in yesterday's post as to how it happened (, I recently accidentally broke or fractured my toe. Last night I found out for certain that this was the case when we videocalled a teledoctor (the only way to see a real doctor in the midst of this quarantine stuff) and they looked at my toe's purpleness and confirmed it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see an orthoped…

I broke my toe + My Reaction to Today's Surprise NINTENDO DIRECT MINI

Image Credit: Nintendo
Hello, guys, this is Arca. Last night, I was running down the stairs in the dark after my mom and Onur told me to rush downstairs to see a recently gone-viral funny video of some Italian priest guy who accidentally kept on activating flashy filters while doing a Facebook Live prayer livestream that was being held due to the coronavirus. But on the way to the living room, I made a sharp turn against the white portion of the wall at the very bottom that's pointy at a very high speed. I yelled in pain and skipped on one foot to the nearest couch. Looking at my pinky toe (it's not graphic, don't worry), it was quite pinkish purple and was bent slightly, and it hurt a lot. I had to spend the rest of the day as well as the night putting my foot on ice and struggled to fall asleep. I woke up once, hoping that the night was nearly over, but I looked at a small watch put next to my bed which showed that it was still 2:41 AM. Today, I did my virtual schoolwork…

Fallout Shelter is the REAL "most accurate" quarantine game

Background Image Credit: Bethesda, but collage done by me
Just two days ago, I made a list of relaxing games to take your mind off the quarantine (you can read that here: I forgot to mention one obvious one: Stardew Valley, a $15 game also available on PC, Mobile, Xbox One and PS4, about farming and living life in a peaceful, high-quality pixel-art-style village. That is just about a complete masterpiece of a game no matter the platform (even though mobile, while cheaper, lacks online multiplayer co-op) which share something in common with the games on that list from that post: It's about what people wish they could be doing in real life right now, but due to global health pandemics that let me finish all my work today prior to 1 PM (yay!), just can't.
But as for Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play mobile game also available on every platform including Switch?  Other than the fact that it is unironically better than Fall…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons being "Review-Bombed" by Fans Angry About its Local Multiplayer Situation

Image Credit: Nintendo 

I may be stuck at home without my pre-order copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shipped yet, and be forced to play Jedi: Fallen Order on my PS4 while Onur hoards our Switch to play The Touryst, but even when it arrives, sharing the game won't be as seamless as it could be. That's since Nintendo made it so that there is a one-island-per-console limit in the game. This was practice in previous Animal Crossing games, but there were ways around it on the Gamecube at least with multiple memory cards and I'm not sure about the 3DS. But to make consumers forced to buy not just another copy of the game, but an entire separate system if they live in a household where multiplayer wouldn't work out due to petty disagreements among siblings or family ("No! I wanted that tree there!" "But it's next to my house!"), or just want to be able to shape their own island, their own way. This particularly isn't good since in these stuck-…