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TheFatRat- The Storm (February 2020): AUDIO PREVIEW AND LYRICS!

TheFatRat's next song will be his first to feature a fully live-action music video, complete with elaborate CGI and costumes, filmed in scenic Iceland. It will be called "The Storm", and it was originally supposed to release in November of 2019, but he delayed it to continue to work on the music video component of it. As he stated, no one would care if he released it near Christmas, so he delayed it to a new release date of January 24, 2019. That would be this upcoming Friday. However, if this listing on the DJ file buying website BeatPort is anything to go by, the song will be available there two weeks later, on February 7. If we are to trust this site's date (if it's not a placeholder), then that means the song's final release would have been delayed a full extra two days on top of that previous two-month delay.

While the music video has only a few seconds of a preview (which you can see at the b…

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Spoiler-Free Mini Review

Photo credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

I first saw the conclusion to the 42-year-old Skywalker Saga of 9 films and three trilogies nearly a month ago, on December 27, 2019. That was seven days late due to a ski trip I was on that coincidentally started the day of the film's release, so unlike all of the preview new Star Wars movies, I was unable to see it on release day or the day after. I finally watched it together with some of my friends, and I walked out of the theater smiling and feeling mostly satisfied. I also rewatched it yesterday with my friend Xiang to keep it fresh in my mind. Since I do not have enough time today to do a full review (that will come later), here is my short-as-possible mini-review of the film. It contains no spoilers for those of you who worry about that.

So, to start, this film had four distinct purposes, as the film's director J.J. Abrams once put it: one, to conclude the saga, two, to conclude the sequel trilogy, three, to be a sequel to The Last Jedi, …