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Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Movie Review (Mostly Spoiler-Free)

I watched the new movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi at my 13th birthday party. I want to thank all those who watched it together with me! Without further ado, let's get into this movie review. "This will not go the way you think." (said by Luke Skywalker, the last of all the Jedi)  That quote above summarizes the entire movie perfectly. It is said by Luke Skywalker in the middle of the movie, and even though he is speaking to Rey, he at the same time was speaking to the audience. Rian Johnson has created the legendary eighth installment in the beloved franchise, and it goes in exactly the opposite way that anyone would expect after watching 2015's The Force Awakens . The Last Jedi is a movie with so many twists and turns that if you haven't watched it yet, it would be best to avoid spoilers in order to fully enjoy the movie. That's why I will review this movie without revealing major plot points to help those who haven't watch it yet hear some of my

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide

The winter holidays are here! Christmas is just around the corner, and regardless of what you celebrate, you may or may not be getting a special gift for a family member or friend. If someone you know has put the Nintendo Switch on their list, they will be thrilled to receive it as a gift! Here is the complete guide on buying it, and what games and accessories that are essential. I will also include links to buy it on Amazon (even though you can find it other places) in case you are interested. First, of all: What IS the Nintendo Switch, anyways? To put it very simply, it is the latest gaming console from Nintendo, and it is an entirely new kind of console. It is drastically different from the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and for one major reason: It isn't a home console, and it isn't portable either--it is the first ever hybrid console. It combines the home and portable console experience. It operates as a tablet that can be docked to a TV screen, with detachable contr


I know I haven't posted much recently. Why? Because my Thanksgiving post came right after my Halloween post. Time flies. Either that, or my homework flies... into piles on top of my desk, destroying any free time that comes in its path. You know what day it is today: Thanksgiving! Time to be thankful for unspecific reasons, invite people into your property, and get diabetes with just one meal. Google has of course made a new animated doodle for the occasion, which you can see at the top of the post and on today's Google homescreen. Poor old turkey! Everyone wants to eat him, but all he wanted was a vacation. By the way, if you search "Thanksgiving" on Google search today, then by scrolling down you will see a poll where people around the world can vote to choose their favorite Thanksgiving dish. I chose Turkey, of course, and by looking at the results so did most other people. You can only vote in the poll today, so be sure to try it out. This Thanksgiving


Happy Halloween to all who are reading this! Hope you have lots of fun and eat lots of candy! You can see today's special Google Doodle for it above. When you click on it, it is a video. It is a cartoon about a ghost who scares away everyone he meets. It has a great moral in it about being yourself. Yesterday, I made a post about funny last-minute homemade Halloween Costume ideas. It may be too late  now, but you might want to check it out anyways since its always good to prepare for next year: If anyone is wondering what I will be next year, it's... (drumroll please)... Shrek. And no, I'm not joking when I saw that. I will make a post full of pictures of my trick-or-treating. It will be a collab with Xiang, since he will go with me and also provide some pictures on his blog .  Anyways, Happy Halloween! BBYYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It's that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner, and millions of children are about to go trick-or-treating. Tomorrow is the unhealthiest day of the year, in which you trespass stranger's property, knock at their door in ridiculous costumes, and beg for candy, and get stomach problems later that night. But what if you don't have the most important part ready yet: The costume. That's right, I'm talking to you, indecisive kids and lazy parents! It's your fault that you haven't chose one yet! Obviously, it is way too late to go out in buy one. For your own safety, I wouldn't recommend going to a Halloween store on the 30th unless you are prepared to get trampled by crowds of last-minute costumes. So the only option you have at this point is to make some homemade costumes. But with so many ideas out there, it can be hard to pick. That is why I am giving you some tips on the best homemade costumes you can make this year, that are easy

The Blog Apacolypse

A month ago, all was well. I was free, and at home. I could enjoy whatever  wanted to whenever I wanted to. My blog was just about to reach my landmark goal of 100 thousand views total. That's when the dreaded thing happened. School started. A month ago, I was at 97,000 views. I figured that it was inevitable that I would reach my goal within a month. After all, I used to get around 10,000 views a month. How hard could it be just to get another 3,000? I was wrong. Within the past month, I have gotten only an additional 1,400 views. That is the worst monthly-view total that I have ever gotten since June of last year. So this is the worst amount I've gotten in over a year. This was very different than for July of this year, when I got an additional 15,000 views, my best month of all time. Here is a chart to show how low my blog's monthly stats have been recently: The first two years of my blog, (back when I just started using Google Blogger in 2014) are those

First Day of 7th Grade

Here we go again... It's that time of year. Shall I say the dreaded word? sc-sc-sch-schoo... SCHOOL!!! ( dun, dunn, dunnn! ) Today was my first day of school for 7th grade. My friend Xiang also made a blog post the first day of school for this year here: Xiang offered a good set of tips for anybody new to middle school, so you may want to check his post regardless of whether you are starting middle school (6th grade) or are continuing it (like I am). Today and tomorrow are the first two days of school where I live, and it will continue next Monday.  Unlike last year, I wasn't entering the building for the first time, so I was used to navigating it and the feel of it inside. Today wasn't anything exciting, really. Every single one of my classes was spent with the teacher introducing themselves and talking about fire drill procedures, class rules, cheesy "I want to get to know you and y

Dark Side Edition BB-8 (BB-9E) Out By Sphero! + More Awesome Star Wars Toys and Tech for Force Friday

BB-8 is a lovable little ball-shaped droid from Star Wars. We all know him. But what if there was an evil version of him? Force Friday is just around the corner, and will start tonight at midnight ins several stores. This is the second Force Friday so far, the first back in 2015 before The Force Awakens , and this one will have merchandise from The Last Jedi released. Sphero has announced two new app-controlled droids to go along with their previously released BB-8. These are R2-D2, and BB-9E (an evil version of BB-8).  All three droids can be remote-controlled by either using the free app, or can be motion controlled  by the Force Band wristband (sold seperately, bundled with the BB-8 only). Here are video trailers for all of them: This is the video for BB-9E: This is the video for all three robots, BB-8, R2-D2. and BB-9E: The droids can interact with other Star Wars app-enabled droids by Sphero. They also have a "Watch With Me&quo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Game Review (Nintendo Switch)

Today I will be reviewing the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, released for the Nintendo Switch. Game Summary The game is a Switch port of the Wii U go-kart racing game "Mario Kart 8", which was released back in 2014. It is the same as the Wii U version, but with improved graphics, and some added features to make it the "Deluxe" version. First of all, they added new characters, which include characters from the Animal Crossing games, Link from The Legend of Zelda , and Inkling Boy/Girl from Splatoon . Second of all, there is the 200cc race mode, which is unbelievably fast (you'l need to brake often in this one). A cool new things is also that you can hold two items at once before you use them.  Smart Steering is a helpful addition for newcomers to the game, though it is hidden in the menus where it can be toggled on/off. I don't use kt myself, but I turn it off for friends or family members playing multiplayer with me that have either never pla

TTHT Upgrade 7.5 + List of Features

Seeing as this blog only has less than four thousand views left until it reaches 100 thousand views, I released an upgrade to my blog that would fill in the gap between the current 7.0 and upcoming 8.0, and also change the problems with the template that 7.0 had. So TTHT Upgrade 7.5 is officially out! Here is the list of features and changes: The most obvious one is that I changed the template entirely. It was previously "Noteable", now it is the template called "Contempo".  "Contempo" is a template very similar to my previous one except: The toolbar is on the left side of the screen, so that you see my archive, translation button, popular posts list, and other widgets, instead of them being hidden until you click a button on the top. The toolbar will only be hidden if you zoom in on the page, and can be shown again by clicking the three lines at the top-left of the page. The featured post is in a smaller box on the homepage so that it d

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Game Review with No Spoilers (Nintendo Switch)

This will be a game review of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", released for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U systems. The version I had was the Switch version, far superior than the Wii U because, A. The graphics are insanely better, B. You can take the game with you anywhere, and C. Who the heck wants to buy a Wii U at this point? This game is a system seller, the only reason the pick up the Switch on its launch date. Even though months later from the release, some other amazing games came out, I am confident that this will remain not only the best Switch game so far (maybe until Mario Odyssey comes out in the winter), but also my personal favorite game of all time. A Beautiful Masterpiece of a Game What's the point of even adding an underlined section for my rating out of 5 stars? You have already heard countless times from others that this game is near perfect. It is literally 10/10 IGN (I'm not even joking about the meme, it literally says so on IGN&