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Turkey Trip 2019 (August)- All My YouTube Videos [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10/13/2019: I have been told by some that they dislike my "mini-vlog" format that has dominated my own channel (which I intended to mirror the "sneak peeks" you'll find on my collab channel, The AABO Show). Since I didn't currently have much of a good editing software outside of the automatically AI-generated "mini-vlogs", I thought I could just skip out on making full-fledged, "proper" vlogs.

However, I realised that when I took all this footage, for the Bodrum Castle at least, I spoke quite a few times and in the mini-vlog, you couldn't make out the context of what I was going to say since it always was interruped by music. So in response, I just created the literal opposite of a "mini-vlog": Long, full of images and video, zero-interruptions to what I'm saying, and no music whatsoever. So every single moment and memory of my experience gets to shine. You can watch it at the top of my post, or at this link:

Waluigi Tales- Chapter 2: UNCLE WARIO (feat. Xiang)

This is the forbidden second chapter of the tale of the life of a very strange purple gentleman. A chapter that took over a year to come into fruition, despite how popular the first chapter was (if you haven't read it yet, you can see it here: When I started this tale, my intention was to dig deeper into the backstory of an enigmatic underdog of the Mushroom Kingdom, one who doesn't get respect from anybody, even by the company who created his character. So I did what any person in my situation would do: Send Waluigi Mario an email. The adoptive member of the plumbing/kart-racing/super-smash-fighting Italian superhuman family isn't very keen to respond to such public things like this, of course, due to his shame at still not having a proper game of his own. So after he sent me a very revealing email message (which I copy and pasted into the first chapter of this story), and he found out how ma…


Hey, guys! This is Arca, and tomorrow is the day to celebrate a very special occasion. Is it that Spider-Man is back in the MCU? That's true, but not what this is for. Brand new Joy-Con colors? Also true, but I wouldn't make a brand new video premiere on my beloved collab channel, The AABO Show, just for that. It is that just like how my blog recently turned 5, The AABO Show turned almost a third of a decade old, or 3 years old (plus one month)!

To celebrate, my little brother Onur edited together a tribute "Megalovania" mashup video that incorporates some of our favorite memories and best moments spanning all the way from our channel's Season 1 (2016), to Season 3 (2018), and includes even a few things from Season 4 (2019)! Plus, it's all in the sync of the music and includes a few very important announcements at the end (courtesy of Onur), so this isn't something you'll want to know!

For the first time in the channel's history, this video will …

THE BEST DAY EVER (News Roundup- Goose Game, Link's Awakening, Switch Lite, and MORE!)

A UFO came up and he smiled at me... He said it's gonna be a good day just wait and see... Jumped out of my tent, and I Naturo-ran outside, feeling so like Kyle and paranoid... It's the best, day, eveeeerrrrrr.....

Oh, sorry about the Spongebob song lyrics. It's just that I was feeling particularly happy about how September 20th, 2019, is actually the most eventful day of this year. What makes September 20th so special this year? I'm going to list as many things as I can, and make each thing brief as possible. Without further ado, let's get started! I'll list this in order of most boring to most exciting. Most boring stuff first, all on today, September 20, 2019. 
National Fried Rice Day, National Pepperoni Pizza Day, and National String Cheese Day

Image Credit: Gimme Some Oven
I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to have so many food-related holidays in one day, but there you go. Surprisingly, I unknowingly celebrated one of these today, since I ate som…

TTHT Five-Year Blogversary: Answering your Q&A questions!

On exactly this day, August 28th, 2014 (which was half a decade ago), I created my first post on this Blogger blog. It wasn't my first blog post ever, despite its title. That sounds weird, but that's since This and That, Here and There didn't get its start on Blogger. I started blogging about half a year before that, on a platform called Squidoo. I was just a third-grader then, but clearly still loved writing about anything I was obsessed with. I didn't get many views, but that didn't matter to me at all (views still don't really matter to me nowadays). I was heartbroken when I found out that summer that my blog would be lost forever.

Squidoo was being bought by another company, HubPages (which I should've predicted when I saw the ads that suddenly appeared on all Squidoo blogs indicating that the company was in deep financial disdain). As a result, I was unable to continue to blog until I completed the transfer from my blog from Squidoo to HubPages. I did…

I hosted another Q&A and Survey! [Survey Ended- No Longer Accepting Responses!]

NOTE: For all of those people still reading this post for some reason... I already answered questions. Go to this post instead: All submissions for this specific Q&A are closed. Sorry. But I'll host more in the future (probably one at 200K), so stay tuned!

Hello, ogres! I know that the last few months, and even years, have been very strange for my blog. So I'm sure you've got plenty of questions about it all. But, a very important day is arriving in a few weeks: The five-year anniversary of my Blogger blog, on August 28! To commemorate and celebrate this landmark occasion, I'm going to do something I haven't done in two years, which is to host a Q&A form where you can ask me anything you want!

You can ask me about blogging in general, the future of my blog, my personal goals and interests, or any other friendly question you'd like to ask. How do you ask me questions? Well, you can use th…

NEWS ROUNDUP: New Switch Revision for 2019 Announced, Lawsuit Over Joy-Con Drift, New Joy-Con colors, the end of Splatoon 2, SDCC 2019, Moon Landing Anniversary, and MORE!

News. *clap* Review. *clap*. What is up, fellow ogres? I haven't posted very frequently recently because of summer camp taking up much more time than I initially expected (hey, that wasn't in the job description), but that's actually a positive thing. Why? That means I have more important news to talk about and catch you guys up on, and then proceed to babble on about it for 12 pages!-- Just kidding. While there may not be a TL;DR included for this post due to the fact that it covers so many topics at once, I have attempted my best to make each individual section as short as possible, like a TL;DR in it of itself. You're welcome. Now, without further ado, let's Naruto Run straight into this news! We're starting off with an announcement that seems perfect after the Switch Lite last week... 

New Switch Model Announced! But is it a worthy upgrade?

On Wednesday, Nintendo announced via their Japanese website that a new Nintendo Switch model set to replace the curren…