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100 Thousand Views Special!- The History of My Blog, Upgrade 8.0, Silver Award, and more!

To celebrate the TTHT Blog reaching the landmark goal of 100 thousand views, here is the (long overdue) ultimate special post! It will double as the history of my blog, and a behind-the-scenes post, and you may  just learn some little known facts about me and my blog along the way. Without further ado, here is the complete history and evolution of my blog, from 2014 to now! History of My Blog Humble Beginnings Four years ago, I started blogging. I was just a 3rd grader, and knew little of computers or writing. All I knew was one thing: I wanted to make my own website. Inspired by YouTubers and online newspapers, I asked my dad if I could make my own. He spent some time looking for a free, easy to use site for blogging, and came across... Squidoo. That's right. My first blog wasn't on Blogspot. Squidoo, a small website builder, was all I really needed to get right into the swing of things. I wrote about whatever my 8-year old mind felt like writing about,