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Earth Day 2016 w/ Google Logos + Fun Facts

Happy Earth Day everybody! Sorry for not posting in a while. Today, school is closed for me in honor of this special day. Remember to take extra care of the planet. Appreciate the beauty of nature! You can plant a tree, ride a bike instead of a car, compost waste, recycle, and more to help the planet! Google has made several new logos that show up in each new tab or each time you reload. I will be showing all of them. They have one to highlight each of Earth's five major biomes: tundra, forest, grasslands, desert, and coral reefs. The one above shows a polar bear in the Arctic tundra. This one shows a fox in the forest. An elephant in the grasslands. There is a tortoise in the desert next to cactuses. Finally, the one above shows a giant octopus under the ocean next to a coral reef. Fun Facts About Earth Day Scientists say that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, but Earth Day has only been around for 46. Acc