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Image Credit: Nintendo If there's something cool... in your email inbox... what did you just do? SUBSCRIBE TO TTHT!  It is officially one of the best days of the year, in my opinion. Time to make spooky scary skeleton memes, impersonate =anyone real or imaginary that you want, and watch spooky movies and play spooky games! This post will be a short summary of what interesting things are happening today, and what I am doing myself. NEW AABO Vlog sends shivers down your spine!  This isn't like the boring Haunted Hayride "vlog" we made 3 years ago. This time, while video was prohibited on the ride itself, we did the next best thing: A 20-minute-long voice memo that recorded and captured all the screams and thrills! In addition to a few short vlog moments, most of the video lets you imagine and experience the spookiness (and cheesiness) of the hayride itself, complete with subtle background chatter and dialogue amongst AABO members that really completes the hi

Turkey Trip 2019 (August)- All My YouTube Videos [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10/13/2019: I have been told by some that they dislike my "mini-vlog" format that has dominated my own channel (which I intended to mirror the "sneak peeks" you'll find on my collab channel, The AABO Show). Since I didn't currently have much of a good editing software outside of the automatically AI-generated "mini-vlogs", I thought I could just skip out on making full-fledged, "proper" vlogs. However, I realised that when I took all this footage, for the Bodrum Castle at least, I spoke quite a few times and in the mini-vlog, you couldn't make out the context of what I was going to say since it always was interruped by music. So in response, I just created the literal opposite of a "mini-vlog": Long, full of images and video, zero-interruptions to what I'm saying, and no music whatsoever. So every single moment and memory of my experience gets to shine. You can watch it at the top of my post, or at this link

Waluigi Tales- Chapter 2: UNCLE WARIO (feat. Xiang)

This is the forbidden second chapter of the tale of the life of a very strange purple gentleman. A chapter that took over a year to come into fruition, despite how popular the first chapter was (if you haven't read it yet, you can see it here: ). When I started this tale, my intention was to dig deeper into the backstory of an enigmatic underdog of the Mushroom Kingdom, one who doesn't get respect from anybody, even by the company who created his character. So I did what any person in my situation would do: Send Waluigi Mario an email. The adoptive member of the plumbing/kart-racing/super-smash-fighting Italian superhuman family isn't very keen to respond to such public things like this, of course, due to his shame at still not having a proper game of his own. So after he sent me a very revealing email message (which I copy and pasted into the first chapter of this story), and he found out how


Hey, guys! This is Arca, and tomorrow is the day to celebrate a very special occasion. Is it that Spider-Man is back in the MCU? That's true, but not what this is for. Brand new Joy-Con colors? Also true, but I wouldn't make a brand new video premiere on my beloved collab channel, The AABO Show, just for that. It is that just like how my blog recently turned 5, The AABO Show turned almost a third of a decade old, or 3 years old (plus one month)! To celebrate, my little brother Onur edited together a tribute "Megalovania" mashup video that incorporates some of our favorite memories and best moments spanning all the way from our channel's Season 1 (2016), to Season 3 (2018), and includes even a few things from Season 4 (2019)! Plus, it's all in the sync of the music and includes a few very important announcements at the end (courtesy of Onur), so this isn't something you'll want to know! For the first time in the channel's history, this video