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You all know what today this is... Mr. Green Tricks Day! I forgot the name, so I'll just call it Green Day. Pretty sure that doesn't exist, already right? Yep. Green Day isn't like a band or anything like that. I don't celebrate, because I'm pretty sure I'm not Scottish. Or at least I think I'm not. I never bothered asking my DNA what it was, because I'm too lazy. To all Scottish people (and animals) enjoy celebrating and have fun trick-or-treating! Now, I was considering celebrating Mr. Green Day by making a joke post. I wanted to make a post where nothing I said was serious, and it was meant to have a somewhat comedic effect on my writing. I decided against this, however, since my blog is only about serious topics. I never joke around, after all. I was going to inform my readers of something very important. Very serious. Seriously. So serious that I am dedicating an entire paragraph to talk about it. That rarely ever happens, right? The serious