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So, today I woke up, and I was still 13 years old. That sentence sounds weird unless you are aware that today is my birthday. In that case, I was actually enthusiastic to wake up super early in the morning and drag myself to school (for once), since I knew that in a matter of hours, I would finally reach a milestone in my life. I would turn officially have been alive for 1.4 decades (AKA 14 years old)! So I ate a pretty average breakfast (an egg omelet, some cheese, and cereal), and then rode the bus to school. I was excited about my period #1 class since, in our school, we have a video livestream every morning. I wasn't really excited about the livestream announcements themselves; they're nothing special, and in my opinion, absolutely not at all better than my elementary school's DDN (which I was the cameraman of, so expect no bias whatsoever). But our Star Wars fanatic teacher, Mr. B, typically puts some song during the break when it is loading, for all of us to list