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I'm hosting another Q&A and Survey! (TTHT Blog's 5-Year Anniversary)

Hello, ogres! I know that the last few months, and even years, have been very strange for my blog. So I'm sure you've got plenty of questions about it all. But, a very important day is arriving in a few weeks: The five-year anniversary of my Blogger blog, on August 28! To commemorate and celebrate this landmark occasion, I'm going to do something I haven't done in two years, which is to host a Q&A form where you can ask me anything you want!

You can ask me about blogging in general, the future of my blog, my personal goals and interests, or any other friendly question you'd like to ask. How do you ask me questions? Well, you can use the Google Form I will give a link to below or the comments section to this post.

The form is open from today, Thursday, August 8th, to Saturday, August 24. That means you've got about 3 weeks to ask me as much as you want, about anything you want! So what are you waiting for? Go and ask up so I can answer up. If my last Q&…