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Happy 18th Birthday Google! w/ Today's Google Logo

Whenever somebody asks me the question, "What's your favorite tech company?", I always answer the same thing: G o o g l e . Why not Apple? There are many reasons for this. Most of what I do online uses G o o g l e . Whether it is B Blogger , You Tube , or  Google+ , most of it is made by   G o o g l e in some way or another. I know that you may have expected me to say Apple, but that comes in second place. Third place is Amazon, and fourth place is Microsoft. Without  G o o g l e , this blog wouldn't exist! Today is a very special day:  G o o g l e 's 18th birthday! They have made a special doodle logo for it that you can see when you check their homepage today. It shows the letter G of the logo blowing a balloon and tying it so that it looks like the rest of the letters. This carries him/her into the air and it pops shortly after. The G falls back down and makes another balloon. There are balloons in the background with the same color as the letters in

Today's Google Logo: U.S. National Voter Registration Day 2016

Today is the day that people being of 18 years of age and older can register to vote in the U.S. Of course, I am only 11 years old, so I cannot do this. Google has released a special doodle logo for the occasion, which you should see when you visit the Google homepage anytime today. Clicking on the logo will lead you to a set of instructions on how to register. Today's logo features all of the letters of Google (except for the O, which are a computer and mailbox) signing up to vote. The G is registering online, the lowercase g is registering by mail, and the l and e are doing it by form. At the top, there is a red, white, and blue banner that says "Register to vote" in three different languages.

BREAKING NEWS: #SaveXiangsChickens- BE SURE TO SIGN THIS PETITION! Hi, this is Arca. Today, I will talk about a topic that is very serious, which is not what I usually post about. (I like to have to write about fun things!) A few days ago, my friend Xiang got an email from one of the township officials. They said that a neighbor claimed that one of his chickens had walked into their garage and that his chickens would be removed in 2 weeks. He was devastated at this news. His family has become very attached to their chickens. The first time they owned baby chicks, they were attacked and killed by a neighborhood dog. They got more chicks from a farm. Xiang and Liang's grandfather designed and built the coop himself. They didn't want to have to lose their beloved pets again. He has only kept them for less than a year, and they are very young. I decide

The First Day of Fall Google Logo 2016 + The Atumnal Equinox

Today is the first day of Fall! To use fancy science words, it is technically called the "Autumnal Equinox" in the Northern Hemisphere. In both hemispheres, it is called the "September Equinox". Google has made a special animated logo for the occasion! In it, five rocks with faces on them are looking at leaves blowing back and forth. One of them eats a leaf, and all the other ones stare at him awkwardly. When you go to their homepage today, you should see this picture. To find out more about the doodle, you can visit here: Here is some background info: The Autumn Equinox is when the length of day and the length of night are nearly equal. It is also the beginning of the cooler temperatures that will eventually lead to the winter season, and this officially starts the Fall season. In the Northern Hemisphere, where I live (as well as the majority of my blog viewers), this equi

My First Day of Middle School!

Hello, guys! This is Arca. Summer is now over, and that is kind of sad. Yesterday was my first day of 6th grade. We didn't do much today. I was with my homeroom teacher for most of the day. Fun fact: In 4th grade, Mrs. Rogers, my ELA teacher, was out for most of the year, so a substitute named Mrs. Rogers taught us. But this Mrs. Rogers was not the same person as the other. Anyways, we got handed our schedules, which are pretty crowded. I will continue to wake up one hour earlier than when I usually do, and school ends at 2:30, earlier than what it was in my old school. Each class only lasts 50 minutes. I signed up for Orchestra. During the first week, the after-school clubs don't start yet. I signed up for 5 clubs: computer club, S.T.E.M. club, newspaper club, digital magazine, and student council. I haven't signed up for any fall sports because the current ones aren't ones that I play already. I got into all honor classes, except for math. I only was able to

This and That, Here and There: Blog Trailer! (Video)

Hello, guys! This is Arca. Using   I made a trailer video for this blog. If you are a fan of my blog or a newcomer, I suggest that you watch this video. It explains what my blog is about.   is an easy video making website where you can put together footage, animation, pictures, and words to make an awesome presentation. If you want to make YouTube videos or any presentation in general, I suggest this. I personally think that is a bit better, but this is also good. Both of them have a watermark at the side that you have to pay to remove. But in Powtoon it is cheaper to remove (not that I will do it). Both are free to use and sign up. In Biteable, all templates are free. But in Powtoon, some require premium. Powtoon is better since it is more like Google Slides, and lets you use whatever images you want (and the ones given) to make a short animation. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video! _____________________________________________