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The First Day of Fall Google Logo 2016 + The Atumnal Equinox

Today is the first day of Fall! To use fancy science words, it is technically called the "Autumnal Equinox" in the Northern Hemisphere. In both hemispheres, it is called the "September Equinox". Google has made a special animated logo for the occasion! In it, five rocks with faces on them are looking at leaves blowing back and forth. One of them eats a leaf, and all the other ones stare at him awkwardly. When you go to their homepage today, you should see this picture. To find out more about the doodle, you can visit here:

Here is some background info: The Autumn Equinox is when the length of day and the length of night are nearly equal. It is also the beginning of the cooler temperatures that will eventually lead to the winter season, and this officially starts the Fall season.

In the Northern Hemisphere, where I live (as well as the majority of my blog viewers), this equinox starts Fall. In the southern hemisphere, this is the start  if Spring. Google has also made a logo for people in the Southern Hemisphere. In it, all of the rocks are admiring the flower blossom. Then the mean one blows them all away.

Note: I did not make the image above. Credit for the image goes to I found it while searching Google images.

Above is a diagram of the position of the Earth during different seasons. We are currently at the September Equinox.

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