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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I am not Irish, but if you are, I hope you enjoy today! The leprechaun has somehow figured out how to make my text color green, and I can't change it back!  Even the Google logo turns green when  a little clover guy jumps on top. He is everywhere! My friend, Xiang, had glitter all around his house! (To see his blog post about that, click here .) My little brother's classroom set up traps for the leprechaun, but all they could catch were grasshoppers! He left confetti everywhere, and it was an absolute mess. And of course, he changed my blog up and decorated it all green! I am sorry that I have not been able to post much recently. I haven't posted the KCA results, but I will do it soon. Also, Spring Break is coming up for my school, and I will be going to Disney World in Florida! Expect to see posts about that with photos. And watch out for the leprechaun! He can be hiding anything on my blog. Can you find his pot of gold? It

Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2016 tomorrow! Gravity Falls, Star Wars, and Minecraft: Story Mode Nominated! VOTING NOW CLOSED?! Watch it Saturday, March 12 at 8 PM on Nick!

The Nickolodeon Kid's Choice Awards for 2016 will be live tomorrow on Nick! It will feature Blake Shelton as the host, and several celebrity guest stars and some of your favorite movies, shows, video agmes, and more! Who will win each category? The answer lies in your hands! The best thing about the KCAs are that you can vote as many times you want, for free, no age limit or form needed. That was, until today. Voting has now been closed! Kinda a bummer, sice I really wanted to vote for Gravity Falls over and over. I should have done it earlier. But the good news is, the winners will be announced tomorrow, Friday night (March 12) at 8 PM on Nick! During the show, be sure to have your tablets, phones, or computers with you since there will be mini-votes during the show that you can only do then. Kids like me can have a lot of control over the winners, as we can continually vote over and over, and even click on it 5 billion times if you wanted to (and had the time)!

Learn to Play the Theremin With Clara Rockmore! 2016 Google Logo Doodle Game

Clara Rockmore was actually the inspiration for music groups such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones! Today would have been her 105th birthday (if she was still alive) and Google has celebrated it by making the Google Doodle today a game! Who was Clara Rockmore? She played (and was a master at) the theremin, the world's first electronic instrument that can be played without touching it. Why was this so important? This led to the creation of the synthesiser, which helped create electronic rock music the way we know it today. The Google logo today is an interactive game where by hovering you mouse over the notes, you can produce music and copy the musician! Once you have completed all the levels, you can be the composer yourself, and try making your own theremin music! You can go to , or just go here if you are looking at this another day, go here:

Star Wars Editing DIY: Make your own variation of Kylo Ren's lightsaber in a PNG format!

Hi, guys! This is Arca. I haven't made a tech tutorial in a while. I will be showing you guys how to use Google Drawings to edit and create your own variation of Kylo Ren's lightsaber from the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens . Let's begin! What you will need: A Google account Access to Google Drive A computer (Duh!) Here are some copy + paste templates that I give you permission to use: Kylo Ren's lightsaber with  a transparent background   His lightsaber hilt with a transparent background _________________________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Open up your Google drive and create a new document. From there, click on the top where it says "insert" and select "insert drawing".  This should pop up: Step 2: Copy and paste Kylo Ren's lightsaber into it. Step 3: Click on the image and select the "crop image" icon at the right. Change it

Help! I'm trapped in a Dr. Suess Book! - Read Across America Special

Today is a very special day! Be sure to listen to what I will say. Today is a day dedicated to reading books! And not just any kind of things that you can read on Nooks Dr. Suess books!                                                       ______________________________ I seem to keep on using rhyming words And everywhere there seems to be birds The world around me is strange I can only see in a limited range                                                        _________________________________________________________________________________                                           Everyone has whiskers and fur                     Can't tell whether it's a he or her                                           I seem to be stuck inside a place                      And the exit leaves no trace                       I must be stuck inside a book                            A Dr. Suess book!