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Minecraft Survival Mode 6 Year Anniversary! Fun Facts + 2009 Version 0.24 Gameplay by Notch

                  Today is a special day. It is Minecraft's Survival Mode six year anniversary! Notch, who is sadly, not working at Mojang anymore worked on Minecraft for a long time! In August 2009, Survival Mode was first introduced. It brought in a more challenging game experience with health, limited resources, and hostile mobs. Any survival enthusiast should celebrate today. Personally, I don't really play full-difficulty survival that much, I usually play difficulty easy, "Peaceful" Mode. But anyways, here are some fun facts about Minecraft's early stages! Enjoy!                                                 Fun Facts:                                         Minecraft was originally called "The Cave Game". The first 3 hostile mobs introduced were the Zombie, Skeleton, and Creeper. There was no mining animation, so it looked really, really weird, and you couldn't see your hand. Notch accidenta

OUTDATED!!!: The Future of This and That, Here and There and other blogs (Or so I thought, but thing came along differently)

My blog has been expanding rapidly. With daily posts, new members, and more, who knows what will happen next? I have prepared a timeline of goals to give us a sneak peek: Early 2016:  I have a total of 4-6 members of TTHT. Mid 2016:  I get some promotional merchandise, such as pens, pencils, t-shirts, teddy bears, etc. and give them out. Early 2017:  I reach 10,000 views, and do a mega-upgrade to TTHT Mid 2017:  I recruit members of the much wanted Billy Bob Blog .  Late 2017:  My other blog, the Right-Brain View , reaches 500 views. Early 2018:  I get small merchandise for the Right Brain View. Late 2018:  I might start another blog. Mid 2019:  TTHT reaches 20,000 views! That's all I can predict for now. What do you think? Say it in the comments down below. That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my

Minions Movie Review

                                                                                                                      Last weekend, Onur and I watched Minions .  It is a prequel to the                  Despicable Me movies. It was awesome!                                                             My Rating:                                                       I gave it 5 bananas since it is hilarious, exciting, and awesome at the same time! I highly recommend you watch it, before it's not in theaters anymore! What it is About: Warning: If you have not watched the movie yet, I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. But here we go... Minions have existed on this planet waaaaay longer than we have. They date back to the dinosaur age. At first, they were single celled beings, but they developed and learned how to survive. They had one goal- uhh... two goals  in life, one, to eat delicious bananas, and two, find the biggest, baddest vill

MAC LEGO Robotics Camp Overview (Update)

Above: The robot that me and Onur made. Remember my posts last week about my MAC Camps? I took one this week too. It was LEGO ® Robotics. We used Mindstorms bases and pieces and the computer to program the robot to move, speak, think, sense, and more! We dragged and dropped things that we  wanted  the robot to do, in  order. We could attach sensors such as distance, sound, temperature, color, etc. and they helped the function.  Watch the video below to learn more. It was really fun, and I had my little brother, Onur, as a partner! You can make some pretty cool things out of Mindstorms, which can be really hard, but fun nonetheless. (Note: I did not build the robot below, but I did do the one at the top of the post.) That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten! I tr

I Got Windows 10!- Key Points: Cortana, Minecraft W10 Edition, and MORE!!!

Sorry that I haven't made posts in a few days. Anyways, I have downloaded Windows 10, and it was so good that I made a blog post about it right away! The first thing I noticed that it has a nicer looking, more appealing layout and design of icons that are easier and faster to use. And, it also has Cortana. In case you don't know who Cortana is, it is a voice command system. It is basically Microsoft's version of Siri and Google Voice, both of which you probably know already. It is smarter than the two, and has more responses and cool features. It is resembled by a blue halo shape, and its movements vary. She is very funny, and here is a video showing some of the different responses! There are many system changes that I am happy with.  Now, if you ask me what mobile company I like best, that will be very hard for me to answer. May I mention that there is also an exclusive Minecraft version built for Windows 10? I have made a blog p

Horseback Riding with Friends :)

Note: This post was delayed a few days, but now that it is out, I hope you enjoy! Sorry for not blogging in a while. Above: All of us standing in front of an horse. We had to wear safety helmets! A few days back, me and Young's friends went horseback riding. It was really fun! My horse was named Brandy. He was a good horse, which I am thankful for. Young's friends horse kept on eating grass!  Anyways, it was a lot like riding a car, according to my dad, whose horse was named James. In order to get the horse to start moving, you have to make clicking/kissing noises. You hold the rope part of the saddle and move it accordingly to change directions. To get it to stop, pull it backwards a bit. To go left and right, move the rope to the left for left, and right for right. If your horse starts eating grass, tug at the rope backwards. At first, it was a bit hard, but your hand got used to it, and the horse always obeyed. It's having a calm hand that's key!

Gravity Falls "The Stanchurian Candidate" Tomorrow, August 24, 8:30 PM on Disney XD

The new episode is tomorrow! We will find out who will win, Stan, or Bud. Let's hope Stan, because if Bud wins Gideon will escape from Jail! And to get yourself more hyped, see this Gravity Falls music video by Vailskibum94! If it doesn't work, go to his channel: Search "gravity falls way back when" and it should appear. Well, I am definitely watching the new episode tomorrow night! See it August 24, 8:30 PM on Disney XD! Also, if you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten! That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten!I try to make posts every single day, and if you follow this blog you will see them dail

5000 Views Special- Behind the Scenes, More of My Official Youtube Channel, & More!

I have officially reached 5000 views! It took some effort, but I had a great time doing it.  And now, finally, I have a special post about it. Our first milestone was 1000 views. Now that I have reached 5000, my next goal will be 10,000. And then 20,000. But once again, I am getting a bit ahead of myself.  So instead of a timeline, like the special post for 1000 views, I will be doing a behind the scenes post, and what to expect in the future type of thing.   I don't even know whether or not it should be called a behind the scenes, because you are reading this, not watching this. So it might be a behind the posts. Maybe. But enough blabbing on and on, time to start it! Every afternoon, I start working on my post for the next day. This way, I am ready ahead of time, and can publish it in the morning, so you see it all day. Sometimes, I make two posts a day, one being a quick message, where I discuss technical things. My dad checks my posts, and publishes them

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