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OUTDATED!!!: The Future of This and That, Here and There and other blogs (Or so I thought, but thing came along differently)

My blog has been expanding rapidly. With daily posts, new members, and more, who knows what will happen next?

I have prepared a timeline of goals to give us a sneak peek:

Early 2016: I have a total of 4-6 members of TTHT.

Mid 2016: I get some promotional merchandise, such as pens, pencils, t-shirts, teddy bears, etc. and give them out.

Early 2017: I reach 10,000 views, and do a mega-upgrade to TTHT

Mid 2017: I recruit members of the much wanted Billy Bob Blog

Late 2017: My other blog, the Right-Brain View, reaches 500 views.

Early 2018: I get small merchandise for the Right Brain View.

Late 2018: I might start another blog.

Mid 2019: TTHT reaches 20,000 views!

That's all I can predict for now. What do you think? Say it in the comments down below.

That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten! I try to make posts every single day, and if you follow this blog you will see them daily on the bottom of your blogger dashboard. Thank you for reading, and I will see you all later. BUH-BBYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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