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Top 4 Reasons to Start a Blog

Note: I have removed my old Angry Bird cursor so nobody be alarmed. OK? Time to start today's blog post...

I love blogging. It's one of my favorite things to do. "But why? Why would anyone want to blog? What is the point of blogging?" I'm glad you asked! Here are the top four reasons to start a blog:


If you like writing, then you may be interested in blogging.
I mean, why not?


It gives you something to do. Bored? then blog in your free time.


It is much like social media, except it offers more opportunities.There are people out there who blog for a living. You can get paid if you are really good. There are many cool features that you can play around with. That is why I think having a blog is better than having a social media account. 
You can share your ideas with the world. 
When you write a post on your blog, anyone can find it. Whether it's about an idea for a new type of candy, your summer vacation, your favorite TV Show, or Minecraft, you can share these with your friends, your family, and of course, the entire internet. 

I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to share my blog with others, subscribe, and support my blog. I will write a post daily for the next few weeks, and I hope you enjoy all the hard work I am putting into this. I will see you later. BBYYYYEEE!!!


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