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Minions Movie Review


                                        Last weekend, Onur and I watched Minions.  It is a prequel to the                 Despicable Me movies. It was awesome!

                                                           My Rating:

I gave it 5 bananas since it is hilarious, exciting, and awesome at the same time!
I highly recommend you watch it, before it's not in theaters anymore!

What it is About:
Warning: If you have not watched the movie yet, I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. But here we go...

Minions have existed on this planet waaaaay longer than we have. They date back to the dinosaur age. At first, they were single celled beings, but they developed and learned how to survive.

They had one goal- uhh... two goals in life, one, to eat delicious bananas, and two, find the biggest, baddest villain to serve.

But the real challenge to finding a master was keeping one, which was never easy.

So they resorted to the arctic, where they built a village and tried to enjoy their life. But without a master they were very depressed.

But then three minions spoke out and went on a journey to find a boss. Their names were Kevin (center), Stuart (right), and Bob (left).

They travel across the ocean, until they reach a wonderful looking place: New York City.

Then, they find a family of criminals who call themselves the Nelsons, and they give them a ride to VillainCon in Orlando, a meeting of the baddest bad guys in the world.

There they find an awesome villain to serve, the first female villain of all time: Scarlet Overkill.

But then, of course, things go hilariously, but horribly, wrong.

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