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THE END OF MY BLOG? (ft. A Bunch of People) [April Fools 2018 Collab Story]

I know you are probably shocked by the title of this post. Let me explain. It's not as tragic as you think it is, trust me. Why is this happening? It all started with a quack... (It sounds weird, but let me explain.) I woke up this morning with the sound of a loud duck quack underneath my pillow. I assumed it wasn't real. How did I know? Well, how could a real, live duck fit underneath my pillow? I felt a solid object underneath my head, right under the cushion layering of my pillow. I was too tired to care to lift up my pillow and look at what it is. After all, it happens to be spring break right now, and I value my beauty sleep (which is about as precious as it gets when school isn't forcing me to get 6 hours of sleep a day). I don't care if there was a ticking bomb underneath my pillow, I was in my zombie-like state of being half-awake, and I wasn't willing to move an inch. (If there was such thing as a game called "The Bed is Lava,” I would always los