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Nintendo Switch Lite announcement EXPLAINED

Image Credit: Nintendo

So two days ago, I woke up bleary-eyed and bored. So I opened up my phone and scrolled aimlessly through my notifications page. And the first thing I found would have had me do a double-take had I been sipping coffee or water at the moment—-Nintendo had just uploaded a reveal trailer for something called the “Nintendo Switch Lite” ten minutes ago from when I had boarded the bus.I couldn’t believe my eyes that this had been announced while I was eating an egg sandwich merely minutes ago, and almost hesitated to even click the video in case it was joke-clickbait from IGN. But this “Switch Mini” was no surprise at all. It was perhaps Nintendo’s worst kept secret for a year up to that point. For several months, industry rumors and even third-party accessory listings pointed to two new Nintendo Switch models for release in 2019. One, an upgraded model like how Nintendo did for the New 3DS XL from the regular 3DS. This model would be somewhat of a “Switch Pro”, an inc…

Turks and Caicos Islands Mini-Vlog!

The skies are blue, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and all the 12-year-old boys in America have secluded themselves indoors from dawn to dusk playing Fortnite... I'm no expert meteorologist, but I'm pretty sure that means that summer is here at last! Of course, the end of school and my graduation from middle school wasn't extremely recent; it only happened two weeks ago. The first week after summer, I was on vacation in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands!

We stayed in the Turks and Caicos for about a week, and since we're Turkish" I guess you could call us the "Turks in the Caicos". (ba-dum-tiss!) But about that name, in case you're wondering; Turks and Caicos doesn't have to do with the nation of Turkey. Rather, after doing some research, I can confirm that it has to do with a cactus. Let me explain.

Some of the plants native to the island include the cactus. One of these cactuses has a cylindrical red flower on top, which…