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Black Friday Must-Have Shopping List 2014

I've put together a list of new things that I MUST have. They are things that have just came out, new, and stooky. ___________________________________________________________________________ Minecraft PE 0.10.0                                                                                                               Description: It's finally here! Includes gold mines in Mesa biomes, new fences, and even creative mode with night and day!                                                                                                 Price: Free   Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Optimus Prime Raceway                                                         Description: It is based on the Angry Birds Go! Pirate Rock raceway, just Transformers themed.                                                                                                                                             Price:   about $40.00  Cubelets Six Kit                                          

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember to give thanks!        Here's today's Google logo:             Gobble! Gobble! Google! Today only:

Funny Dr. Seuss Star Wars mashups + poll

    Photo Credit:               Photo Credit:      Photo Credit: Photo Credit:                   Photo Credit: Hahahahahahahahaha!   Poll Do you think these should be books? If this was a series,what do you think would be some other books in it? Type your opinion in the comments.  _________________________________________________________________________________

Fall Out Boy Reveals new "Immortals" Music video based on Marvel and Disney's "Big Hero 6"

You know that song, "Immortals", by Fall Out Boy, featured in the first Disney Marvel Adaptation Movie, Big Hero 6 . Well, Fall Out Boy revealed a new music video based on it. Most of the video features Baymax's face on a white disk being played by a record player. Well, it doesn't look to interesting to look at, since it shows the same thing the whole time. It's better to listen to. But I have to admit, the idea of having Baymax's face on a record disk was clever... Here it is:                            Did you enjoy that? Well check out this:

BREAKING NEWS: No "Despicable Me 3" soon, but "The Minions Movie" in 2015!?

  Above: A movie poster for Minions, coming this Summer 2015. You've probably heard that there is going to be a Despicable Me 3.   But we will have to wait until 2017. Why wait for that, when you can just watch Minions , coming this Summer? The movie  will  be a spin-off to the current Despicable Me  Saga, featuring the Minions as the main characters. This will be a prequel film. It will be mostly about the origin of the Minions, in a time before Gru, as they tried to find the evilest villain to serve. It will feature a never before-seen minion, Bob. Bob is different than the other minions because he is bald. ( Above ) This is the most detailed movie trailer I could find: Well, I can't wait to watch it!

348 views and counting! + First Survey

348 VIEWS AND COUNTING!!!!!!!! :) Wow. Recently my number of overall viewers has started to grow... It's getting to 400 and counting! I can't wait to reach 1,000!  Thanks to all of you for letting this happen.  To set the mood, I decided to throw in this:        Well I hope I can keep this up... Also, a quick survey: Do you think there should be an Angry Birds Minecraft? Why or why not? Type in your answer in the comments below. You may use one of the choices below or make your own. Yes    No Yes   No (A) Yes, because_________... (B) No, because_________... (C) I'm not sure because________... (D) I think there should be a  Angry Birds mod in Minecraft because__________________________________... (E) etc...

Disney and Marvel's "Big Hero 6" now in theaters + Disney Infinity 2.0 edition

       Left: A movie poster for Big Hero 6 featuring the robot, Baymax.      The new Disney movie, Big Hero 6  is now in theaters. It was originally a Marvel story,  but was later adapted by Disney.  From the Creators of:   Wreck-it-Ralph , Frozen , and Tangled  About the Movie:   WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MAY RUIN IT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED THE MOVIE YET, SO READ RESPONSIBLY. It's about a kid named Hiro who likes participating in bot-fights in the high-tech city of San Fransokyo. His brother, Tadashi tells him that there is more to life and takes him to a tech -convention to display Hiro's latest invention, micro-bots. He gets first prize and is able to get a scholarship at SFIT (San Fransokyo Institute of Technology). A man named Krei asks him to join his institute. But then, famous Professor Callaghan tells Hiro not to trust Krei with anything. Hiro chooses Callaghan, which he would soon regret... But then, the place gets set on fire and explodes, taking his