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BREAKING NEWS: No "Despicable Me 3" soon, but "The Minions Movie" in 2015!?

Above: A movie poster for Minions, coming this Summer 2015.

You've probably heard that there is going to be a Despicable Me 3.  
But we will have to wait until 2017. Why wait for that, when you can just watch
Minions, coming this Summer?

The movie  will  be a spin-off to the current Despicable Me Saga, featuring the Minions as
the main characters. This will be a prequel film. It will be mostly about the origin of the Minions, in a time before Gru, as they tried to find the evilest villain to serve. It will feature a never before-seen minion, Bob. Bob is different than the other minions because he is bald. (Above)

This is the most detailed movie trailer I could find:

Well, I can't wait to watch it!