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Black Friday Must-Have Shopping List 2014

I've put together a list of new things that I MUST have.
They are things that have just came out, new, and stooky.

  1. Minecraft PE 0.10.0                                                                                                               Description: It's finally here! Includes gold mines in Mesa biomes, new fences, and even creative mode with night and day!                                                                                                Price: Free  
  2. Angry Birds Transformers Telepods Optimus Prime Raceway                                                        Description: It is based on the Angry Birds Go! Pirate Rock raceway, just Transformers themed.                                                                                                                                             Price:  about $40.00 
  3. Cubelets Six Kit                                                                                                                               Description: Building your own robots couldn't be easier! Just put the magnetic blocks together, and watch them do certain tasks.                                                                                     Price: Mod Robotics Website Exclusive: $149.95
  4. Disney Infinity 2.0 Baymax figure                                                                                                   Description: It is a part of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Classics collection. Since Big Hero 6 was originally by Marvel, it also goes well with the Marvel Super Heroes collection. Hiro Hamada figure sold separately.                                                                                                          Price: $13.99
  5. Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro's Journal (Book)                                                                                      Description: Based on the Star Wars Rebels Rebel Journal, this book is a realistic copy of the brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada's personal journal. Flaps give a inside view of his life and journal covers most of the movie.                                                                Price: $7.79 from Amazon and about $10 from Barnes & Noble 
  6. Big Hero 6 Figure Mega Pack                                                                                                          Description: Includes Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Fred, and Yokai.                                                                                                            Price: $29.99  

Those are the main things I would want to get.