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MAC LEGO Robotics Camp Overview (Update)

Above: The robot that me and Onur made.

Remember my posts last week about my MAC Camps? I took one this week too. It was LEGO® Robotics. We used Mindstorms bases and pieces and the computer to program the robot to move, speak, think, sense, and more! We dragged and dropped things that we wanted the robot to do, in order. We could attach sensors such as distance, sound, temperature, color, etc. and they helped the function. 
Watch the video below to learn more.

It was really fun, and I had my little brother, Onur, as a partner!
You can make some pretty cool things out of Mindstorms, which can be really hard, but fun nonetheless. (Note: I did not build the robot below, but I did do the one at the top of the post.)

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