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5000 Views Special- Behind the Scenes, More of My Official Youtube Channel, & More!

I have officially reached 5000 views! It took some effort, but I had a great time doing it. 
And now, finally, I have a special post about it. Our first milestone was 1000 views. Now that I have reached 5000, my next goal will be 10,000. And then 20,000. But once again, I am getting a bit ahead of myself. 

So instead of a timeline, like the special post for 1000 views, I will be doing a behind the scenes post, and what to expect in the future type of thing.  

I don't even know whether or not it should be called a behind the scenes, because you are reading this, not watching this. So it might be a behind the posts. Maybe. But enough blabbing on and on, time to start it!

Every afternoon, I start working on my post for the next day. This way, I am ready ahead of time, and can publish it in the morning, so you see it all day. Sometimes, I make two posts a day, one being a quick message, where I discuss technical things. My dad checks my posts, and publishes them so all of you can read it. 

In order to make the custom images on my blog, I play around with Google Drawings, montaging photos on top of each other, adding text, and finishing it off with my logo, so you know that I made it. I have also made concept photos like this. If you wish to see my post on how to do this, click here.

To make my logo, I used I have also used for animated text and more advanced text. These are very cool tools, and I highly recommend them.
In the future, expect to see more posts, some merchandise such as t-shirts etc., and my blog being a bit more popular. 

And as for my actual YouTube channel, I have been making more videos for it. I will upload a few more videos, but the only thing is, there isn't much space left on my iPad, where I make the videos, and iMovie, the editing app I use, had problems uploading them. My channel:

And expect a lot more of everything. :)

That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned tuned for future posts. I try to make posts every single day, and if you follow this blog you will see them daily on the bottom of your blogger dashboard. Thank you for reading, and I will see you all later. BUH-BBYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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