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My First Day of Middle School!

Hello, guys! This is Arca. Summer is now over, and that is kind of sad. Yesterday was my first day of 6th grade. We didn't do much today. I was with my homeroom teacher for most of the day. Fun fact: In 4th grade, Mrs. Rogers, my ELA teacher, was out for most of the year, so a substitute named Mrs. Rogers taught us. But this Mrs. Rogers was not the same person as the other.

Anyways, we got handed our schedules, which are pretty crowded. I will continue to wake up one hour earlier than when I usually do, and school ends at 2:30, earlier than what it was in my old school. Each class only lasts 50 minutes. I signed up for Orchestra. During the first week, the after-school clubs don't start yet. I signed up for 5 clubs: computer club, S.T.E.M. club, newspaper club, digital magazine, and student council. I haven't signed up for any fall sports because the current ones aren't ones that I play already. I got into all honor classes, except for math. I only was able to get into accelerated math. Luckily, so was my friend Young. We are both in the same Quad, which is Quad E. Unfortunately, math is the only class we share together.

The lockers were a bit tricky to open the first few times, but after that, I opened it successfully every time. Going to school my backpack was really heavy because of the school supplies I was carrying. But when I was coming home. it felt like I was forgetting something even though I wasn't, because of how light my backpack was. In my opinion, using a locker to store your things is better than a desk because it is protected that way only you can open it, and there is more room for your things. 

The only periods that we actually switched for today were periods 4 and 8. In period 4, the only class that I had on an A day was Gym. In period 8, the class that I had for A day was Strings, another name for orchestra. I am thinking about choosing viola as my instrument, but I am not quite sure yet.

We had no homework today, except from my Strings teacher, who wanted us to research some YouTube videos of the different instruments, hear what they sound like, and choose which one we want to play based on how they sound.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I will not post as frequently now that school has started, but I will try to post a few times a week. See you next time. BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!!

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