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Hey, guys! This is Arca, and tomorrow is the day to celebrate a very special occasion. Is it that Spider-Man is back in the MCU? That's true, but not what this is for. Brand new Joy-Con colors? Also true, but I wouldn't make a brand new video premiere on my beloved collab channel, The AABO Show, just for that. It is that just like how my blog recently turned 5, The AABO Show turned almost a third of a decade old, or 3 years old (plus one month)!

To celebrate, my little brother Onur edited together a tribute "Megalovania" mashup video that incorporates some of our favorite memories and best moments spanning all the way from our channel's Season 1 (2016), to Season 3 (2018), and includes even a few things from Season 4 (2019)! Plus, it's all in the sync of the music and includes a few very important announcements at the end (courtesy of Onur), so this isn't something you'll want to know!

For the first time in the channel's history, this video will be a premiere. That means that you'll be able to count down to and get notifications as soon as the video starts going live, and it'll be permanently rewatchable for anyone after that. But if you want to live the epicness, and join the livestream party the moment it happens, that will be at 7 P.M., October 4, 2019, at 7 P.M. Eastern Standard Time EST, and will be approximately 7 minutes long. For reference, that's the NY Timezone or GMT-0400. That means our poor Turkish friends will have to watch our video at 2 A.M. in the morning while eating shish kebab and drinking a cup of tea past midnight with their buddies. But not to worry, since it will be also uploaded right after the stream ends, so you can watch it normally any time you like! Here's a permalink to the video, which is a link to the premiere page, but will function as a permanently replayable video even after it premieres:

Since this is our 3-year-anniversary, as a member of The AABO Show, I'd like to say some special words. Thank you to my awesome friends who've been documenting awesome memories with me for three years straight, and to the audience who's been on the journey with us the whole time! Hopefully, The AABO Show will continue and thrive for as long as possible. Enjoy, the video, but if it's still not up by the time you're reading this, you could pass time by watching our newest mini-vlog which we uploaded today, which is of GoPro footage that we took while boogie boarding at the beach! Being in a "mini-vlog" format instead of a full vlog, it's only 2 minutes long, so enjoy :) Here's the link if the embedded video doesn't work for you:

When it comes to more blog-related news, I'd like to announce that I am working on a new collab with Xiang (just like how so many people told me in my recent survey), and it will be about none other than Chapter 2 to last year's popular Waluigi Tales story (which you can read here: It will pick up right where the previous chapter left off, and be told in the perspective of Waluigi's adoptive uncle, Wario. Since it's written entirely by Xiang (I contributed the introduction and gave him a rough bullet-point plot outline to work with, but that's about it), expect plenty of his signature humor (AKA poop jokes. Poop jokes everywhere). It is just about finished, but I can't confirm a release date for that just yet. Stay tuned!

In other blog news, you might have noticed if you're reading this in October 2019 that my blog just looks a tad bit... spookier. That's since I changed the theme in celebration of October, which an awesome dark-mod theme with bright orange highlights and a purple and orange logo (just like those new Joy-Cons).