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Happy Halloween to all who are reading this! Hope you have lots of fun and eat lots of candy! You can see today's special Google Doodle for it above. When you click on it, it is a video.

It is a cartoon about a ghost who scares away everyone he meets. It has a great moral in it about being yourself.

Yesterday, I made a post about funny last-minute homemade Halloween Costume ideas. It may be too late  now, but you might want to check it out anyways since its always good to prepare for next year:

If anyone is wondering what I will be next year, it's... (drumroll please)... Shrek. And no, I'm not joking when I saw that.

I will make a post full of pictures of my trick-or-treating. It will be a collab with Xiang, since he will go with me and also provide some pictures on his blog

Anyways, Happy Halloween! BBYYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!