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TTHT Upgrade 7.5 + List of Features

Seeing as this blog only has less than four thousand views left until it reaches 100 thousand views, I released an upgrade to my blog that would fill in the gap between the current 7.0 and upcoming 8.0, and also change the problems with the template that 7.0 had. So TTHT Upgrade 7.5 is officially out!

Here is the list of features and changes:

  • The most obvious one is that I changed the template entirely. It was previously "Noteable", now it is the template called "Contempo". 
  • "Contempo" is a template very similar to my previous one except:
    • The toolbar is on the left side of the screen, so that you see my archive, translation button, popular posts list, and other widgets, instead of them being hidden until you click a button on the top. The toolbar will only be hidden if you zoom in on the page, and can be shown again by clicking the three lines at the top-left of the page.
    • The featured post is in a smaller box on the homepage so that it doesn't block the view of my other posts.
    • The share button is the little arrow-like "<" symbol, and is located right next to the title.
    • I can actually add a background image to my blog's home page, unlike how it previously hid it.
    • The post cover image is on top of the portion of text, and it doesn't block out any part of the image.
  • I changed up the colors and font of some of the page's features.
Those are all the features of Upgrade 7.5! It is a small upgrade, as you may have noticed. My next one, 8.0, will be HUGE!!! I will release it once I reach 100 thousand views, and it will forever change how my blog is like! I'm not spoiling it for you, but let's just say that you may not need to type in "blogspot" in my blog's address anymore...