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Today's Nintendo Treehouse Unfairly Disappoints + Xbox Reveals Their July 2020 Series X Event

Hello, everyone. This is Arca. I was planning on completing a month-overdue post on my thoughts on that amazing PlayStation 5 reveal event that I watched live with millions of others on June 11th. Instead, I decided to talk about two more recent events. It'll also be shorter than usual. Here we go!

Paper Mario Gameplay Shown in Treehouse Presentation Today, and Bakugan Announcement Causes Fan Toxicity

Image Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo hosted a Treehouse Live presentation, and beforehand explicitly stated that it would only be about the upcoming game (it releases in just a week, in fact) Paper Mario: The Origami King and also a brand-new game from Shantae independent developers WayForward not-yet-announced at the time for a third party franchise. Then it aired at 1 PM Eastern time and the video dislikes started rolling in. The chat was also very toxic, but it seemed mostly to be from arrogant fans expecting it to be a Direct (Treehouse presentations have literally never been like Directs) and demanding Breath of the Wild 2. The footage from Paper Mario, despite me not watching much of it, sounds pretty good from what I've heard briefly from some other people's opinions online. I've also heard some disagreement about the lack of experience points in the battle system, and if that means anything when the coins are essentially replacing what you would be able to do with XP... or at least, that's the way I interpreted it. I'm not familiar with Paper Mario as a series, so I very well could be wrong. 

The video got an insanely high number of dislikes, nearly 10 thousand at some point compared to 35 thousand at some point I had checked, for an incredibly bizarre reason. The WayForward game turned out to be a new Bakugan game. I don't really care about that franchise, but I wasn't being rude and disrespectful in the live stream chat, either. Fan expectations being high can result in toxicity towards the people who put hard work towards something when it inevitably doesn't meet the fans' expectations. (The Last Jedi ignoring fan theories, anyone? I'm not a detractor of that film, but that's a textbook example of this happening, with the director and actors being harassed off of social media. Come on, everyone, I thought humanity was better than this.) People saying it looked like it had PS2 game graphics needed to realize that A. this is an independent game studio with a smaller budget, B. the graphics weren't even bad at all, either; they were pretty great. Those people haven't seen bad graphics before, and C. Lots of peoples' hearts and souls were poured into the art and making of that game! It's a piece of art, and you shouldn't whine like a toddler about it not being the impossible big AAA game you had on your wishlist when we're in the year 2020 and game development has entered a crisis and the live stream wasn't even advertised as having a game like that in the first place. That was a psuedo-long pseudo-rant, but I'm sure it sounds calm and reasonable. Anyways, on to the next bit of news!

Microsoft announces date of July's Xbox Series X event... Time for them to make a rebuttal to the PS5? 

Image Credit: Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios (Halo Infinite)

Speaking of a gaming-news related event that actually is meant to have earth-shattering announcements, Microsoft, a few days ago, announced that the date of their long-rumoured Xbox Series X live stream event after Sony already did theirs for the PlayStation 5 last month, would be the 23rd of July. Now, I am not a current Xbox owner. I've never had an Xbox, in fact. I guess you could, by technicality, state that I've played Xbox games since Minecraft bedrock requires a free Xbox Live account (which you don't need an Xbox console for) in order to play online multiplayer. Also, the once Xbox One exclusives Ori and the Blind and Cuphead were ported to the Switch, and I own them there. Anyways, this event is expected to truly give lots of big and exciting details as to why gamers should hand their wallets over to Microsoft instead of Sony come this last quarter of 2020, when the two next-gen consoles are released. So that means hopefully more news on exclusives (something Microsoft themselves could probably admit to falling short of this generation; it's why they starting purchasing so many game studios recently). However, Microsoft's approach to the next gen "console war" is unique in that they don't really care what platform you play their games on, as long as you play them. By that, I mean the Xbox is already pitched more like a service, with things like Game Pass being great and the fact that you can literally pay a subscription fee called Xbox All Access to have access to an Xbox One console. No, I'm not joking about that. Their upcoming Project xCloud game streaming service also supports this notion. All Xbox Game Studios "exclusives" also being available on Windows PCs also does. I'd expect them to announce price (Sony and Microsoft can't play chicken with a "no, you go first!" pricing announcement forever), as well as confirm a lower-budget Series S console and its price, if that even will exist. Also, Halo Infinite, their big holiday title, will also almost definitely get a lot of time shown at the event, so there's that. 


Anyways, that wraps it up for this daily post! If you enjoyed reading this be sure to share it with someone else, and stay tuned until Monday since I'm planning to do daily posts during at least the weekdays during summer. Next week I have an online summer program I will be attending that will take up a lot of my time, so I can't confirm that I'll be able to post every day for those 5 weekdays at least, but I may or may not make up for it a bit this weekend. We shall see. Leave your respectful thoughts in the comments below, and also be sure to read my previous post if you haven't already: This is Arca, signing off for now. Have a good one, and stay safe! 


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