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My Summer 2020 Blogging Plan (or lack thereof)

Image Credit: Collage done by me. Background image credit goes to Nintendo, but the various "thonk" emojis are just stuff that I found from a Google Image search and the sources are too many to list here. They're scattered across Deviantart, Reddit, and elsewhere. 

Hello, all. This is obviously a strange summer with quarantine and whatnot. I have no travel guaranteed, nor any in-person summer camp. I have lots of time on my hands, and an innate urge to be productive. So, yes, this is literally a godsend and practically the perfect summer for a blogging renaissance that I've been waiting for all these years. Go figure.

So, any grand plan? Schedule? Detailed agenda? Nope. I will be able to do daily posts all throughout this month, but they will be sort of a Super Mario question mark mystery box. No standard length, nor a topic. I will simply write whatever I feel like writing on a current day. A current event in gaming or another thing that catches my attention, a review of something, or maybe another collab story (Waluigi Tales part 3, anyone?) are all possible things I could do.

I could attempt to get back into posting my art here. Those would be cartoon drawings (anyone remember when I did Angry Birds crossover fanart four years ago? That was actually pretty fun), or Minecraft builds. Basically, if I do make something creative within the next two months, I'll most likely be sure to post it here. 

So, a post titled "plan" that is about me not having a particular plan. In the words of Sheev telling young Ani the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise, "Ironic." Or I guess it's clickbait... actually, not really, since I included "or lack thereof". 

Technically, my summer started on June 19th, which was my last day of 9th grade. The past slightly-over-a-week, I haven't been able to get myself to blog, but I always knew that July and August were more likely to actually have daily posts. I might skip a day here or there, especially if my family decides to mask up and take the risk in August to go to Turkey to visit our family for our yearly trip (the 15th or 16th time I've done the trip in my life thus far). 

So, anything else exciting? Well, Iron Man VR is coming to the PSVR this Friday, but my pre-order from Amazon doesn't arrive until the 7th, next Tuesday. I tried the demo and it mostly won me over. I am in need of more PSVR games to justify owning the thing, and most VR games only take a few hours to beat, so I'm hoping to make a review for that game on my blog to really get into the habit of reviewing things more often. Also, a new Paper Mario game is coming to the Switch on the 17th, which I have not decided to pre-order just in case. With how the previous two games in the series turned out, it would be wise to wait until the games journalists make reviews to see if it's good or not. I'm also not a big RPG person, so I wasn't overly hyped for it in the first place.

Also, Hamilton is getting a recorded version of the Broadway show heading to Disney+ to stream exclusively there starting Friday. Seeing as I have never watched the show nor really listened to any of its songs, watching that would probably be a good Fourth of July activity that doesn't involve a risk of contagion. Yay! 

In other news, I found out that next year my school will have some sort of hybrid learning plan. I might talk about my opinion of that more in-depth in a post sometime since I do have quite a bit to say on the topic. Also, the PS5 reveal event happened and it was everything I could have hoped for when I watched the stream for it live last month. I'm still working on drafting a reaction post to that, so stay tuned. I hope to have that published within the next few days. Also, a lot of different game-related events and announcements happened during when E3 would have been had it not been canceled, including Crash Bandicoot 4 and the VR-compatible Star Wars: Squadrons. And Vader Immortal is breaking its Oculus exclusivity deal and heading to PSVR this summer. So in other words, when it comes to gaming, I can practically never run out of things to write about in the next two months.

What else to write about? Well, if the The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer drops anytime soon, I hope to do my first trailer analysis/reaction post in literally 3 years (the last one I did was for The Last Jedi). I hope to read more books this summer, so I can review those if I feel like it. I also plan to edit a loooot of vacation footage from the past 3 years that has been sitting around on my GoPros' (yes, multiple, since my first one didn't last long) microSD cards into full-fledged vlogs on my YouTube channel. You can see my channel here: If you see auto-generated blog posts with the title of videos with "via IFTTT" as their only content other than an embedded video, that's since I used a tool called "If This, Then That" to easily generate those posts whenever I upload a new YouTube video. So stay tuned. 

This post got longer than expected. Anyways, see you all next time. Stay happy, healthy, and safe! I wish you all the most wholesome of summers. As the kids say, "UwU". RJ signing off.