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TTHT has reached 20 thousand views!- Bronze Blogger Award, Blog Upgrade 6.0, and MORE!

Our goal that I set 9 months ago has been reached- This and That, Here and There has finally reached 20 thousand views! Thank you for all those people who have supported me and helped me along the way! However, this post will not be dedicated to shout-outs and acknowledgements, unlike my special post for reaching 10 thousand views.

As you already know, every time this blog reaches a goal for its amount of views, I make a special post for it. My special post for reaching 1 thousand views was a short history of my blog so far. When I reached 5,000 views, I did a behind-the-scenes post. When I reached 10 thousand views, I made a post to thank everyone for all the support they have given me. As I promised, I had a surprise ready for once I reached 20,000 views. We reached it a week ago, and I have been working on the surprise since then. 

And the surprise is... a bronze award! As you know, YouTube sends awards called Play Buttons to YouTuebrs who get certain amount of subscribers. Blogger, even though it is also owned by Google, currently has no award system. So I decided to make one out of clay and metallic paint I got from Micheals. YouTube Play Hutton awards have the YouTube logo on them, so the award I made had the blogger logo on it. YouTube gives out awards that are shiny silver, gold, and diamond colored. I decided to make this one bronze-colored for reaching 20 thousand views, My next goal will be 30,000 views, but I won't make a clay Blogger Award for it. Once we reach 50 thousand views (which will definitely be a while from now), I will make a silver Blogger Award! And for 100 thousand views (probably a few years from now), I will make a gold one.

Here is what it looks like:

And here is what the Blogger logo looks like: (The actual logo is orange, but I made the award shiny bronze.)

Now I will make a tutorial on how I made it.

Time Spent: 2-3 Days (Including time spent for clay and paint to dry completely)

Cost Total: About 18 dollars worth of materials from Micheals


  • 2 Bags of White Crayola Model Magic Clay (Both of them were used completely)
  • A paint brush kit with different types of brushes
  • 2 Containers of DecoArt Metallic Bright Copper/Bronze Paint (Less than one container was used)
  • Clay Cutters and Rollers (we had owned these previously, so we didn't have to go and but the)

How-to Tutorial:

Step 1: First, I took both of the packages of clay and combined the clay in both of them, while leaving aside some for the letter B. I spread it out into a rectangular shape. At first, it was bumpy and rough around the edges, I used a tissue box and a clay cutter to make the sides straight. Using the roller, I flattened it out, removing most bumps, The width wasn't as thin as paper but wasn't as thick as a long book either. It was the width of a picture book's pages width.

Step 2: Once I had a straight rectangle, I cut a letter B like the one on the Blogger Logo and then put it on top of the rectangle. Then, I traced ovals  where the insides of them letter B had deep sides to make it pop out.

Step 3: My mom helped me to paint it with the shiny bronze paint.

It ended up looking awesome!

TTHT Blog Upgrade 6.0: The Bronze Upgrade

Since I reached this goal, I have released blog upgrade 6.0!
Here is a list of its features:

  • A new blog logo
  • A bronze metallic background
  • A new favicon of a pixel cat!

Thank you for all your support! Be sure to view daily. Help me reach my next goal: 30 thousand views!

Here is my previous post, about trick-or-treating:

See you next time! Thanks for reading! BBBBYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!