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TTHT has reached 30 thousand views!- Q&A Answers to your questions!!!

Two weeks have passed since I reached 30,000 views. In that time I gained an additional 4,000 views. And yet... I still haven't made my special post for it yet! In case you remember, a month ago I made a post with a link to a Google Form where anyone could ask me questions and I may answer them once I reach 30 thousand views. The time has come to do so!

First of all, I would like to say a big fat THANK YOU to all of those who helped me get to this goal. Without your help and support, my blog would never had reached to the point it has now! In fact, I may have given up blogging in the beginning if I had never reached my first words. So to emphasize this, I may as well bold and italicize it: THANK YOU!!!

Due to the amount of submissions I received, I can not show them all in this post. Also, not all of them were even questions. (Yes, I'm pointing to you, those people who just spammed stuff like "john cena blah blah shrek" as their response!) This post would be boring if I answer every single one anyways. So instead I chose the best ones to answer.

So without further ado...

How do you come up with blog ideas?

Good question! I usually do whatever I think people are gonna want to read. Well, maybe that isn't true entirely. If so, then my entire blog would be dedicated to dabbing, Harambe, clickbait, and Pokemon Go. I post on topics that I enjoy, and focus on parts of it that seem intriguing or interesting to others and will gain me more views in the process. To make it simple, if it makes me and others want to read it, then its a good idea.

What is your favorite blogging subject?

Despite the fact that I may have made it seem like it was Star Wars in my previous answer, it is actually Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls, despite it ended, was a great show that really made you think and speculate about the plot. Many of the posts I made about this topic analyzed bits of trailers and offered theories about what may come in future episodes. A lucky few of these guesses turned out right. I like blogging abut it because it takes out the nerd inside of me, and I love over-analyzing things and making ridiculous theories.

What's your favorite movie and why?

 I am going to have to go with either Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Rogue One wasn't as good), or the Angry Birds movie (a movie I had been hoping for since I was 6 years old). 

How long will you keep blogging?

This is a tough one. Uhhh..... I don't want to overthink it. I may keep this blog until I go to college and then start a new one as an adult, so this would be my "childhood blog". Or I may just keep writing things for your posts as long as you guys keep reading them.

What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling.

What is your least favorite blog post that you have made?

My least favorite post would probably be the post I made about how Microsoft confirmed making a Minecraft 2, which is obviously false. Turns out I had a wrong source. The post went on to become the second most popular post of all time with over 700 views, until I deleted it. 

Are you actually JOHN CENA???

The world will never know... [pause for dramatic effect]

What advice do you have for new bloggers? Where do you get your inspiration?

If you are new to blogging, the main advice I would give you is to never stop writing. Write whenever you have a chance. With enough patience, you will reach your goal. As with where I get my inspiration, it would be from a variety of different places. Some of my favorite YouTubers make videos on topics that I also cover on my blog, my style of writing comes from books I read, and by reading some news websites articles I also get some topics relating to what I may want to write about.

What is your middle name?

I don't have a middle name. Neither does anyone in my family.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I would have to say Turkey, since I go there every summer to visit my family. They have great beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. I enjoyed swimming in them. The place also has great sightseeing. Here are all my posts that I made about my Turkey vacation this summer... Week 1- Bodrum (beach): ; Week 2- Ankara (Capitol city): ; Week 3- Gurun (sight seeing):

Do you earn money from your blog?

No, I don't. Yes, there is an option to earn money from your blog. I don't do it because in doing so, your blog gets ads covered on it. I dislike sites that have too many distracting ads on it. I don't want my blog to become one of those sites.

What will you do next on your blog? What is your next goal?

Since I am gaining so many views in such a short period of time, I did the math and figured that I may get to over 100,000 views by the end of the year if I continue at the same rate! So my next goal will be 50 thousand instead of 40,000. Next, I plan to continue making posts about Star Wars news and updates, Minecraft PE news, and some new drawings. Stay tuned!


That is all for this post. Be sure to share it with others if you liked it. Help me reach my next goal, 50 views! See you next time! BBBBBYYYYYYEEEE!!!