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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Update Full Version Out Now iOS and Android! New 0.11.1! No more beta builds! Download it For Yourself!

You probably saw Kitty Kat's post. For anybody who didn't know, that is just another member's name, and mine is Arca. We both make posts on this blog.

I would like to show you MY review of 0.11.0 too.

0.11 added boats, fishing, colored text, squids, magma cube spawn eggs, skins, skin packs, world editing, renaming, and game mode changing. Plus multiplayer messages and status and all tools in creative inventory, redstone blocks (only to store redstone), and snowballs. It added exclusive dirt path blocks. It added several new features, but they would be WAY too long to all list here. Just no redstone or Nether or End. Sorry!

It was still an awesome update, and I enjoyed the skins.

Be sure to stay tuned and I will see you later. BYE!!!