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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 4 "Unfinished Business" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm via Slash Film

Today, I stayed home the entire day without any work or online school due to my high school needing time to "prepare" for the virus. I mostly expect it'll be fully online next week starting Monday (as my little brother's elementary school, and also the middle school that I went to, are going to be). There's no confirming that yet, though. Also, all of my cousins are going to be home for weeks (probably without virtual work, I may add), since Turkey closed every single school in the country, just like Italy. But you know what is certain? That every single Friday in the next few months, there will be a brand-new episode of The Clone Wars' never-before-seen final season, Season 7, available on Disney+. That's right, COVID-19 may Today was a Friday, and I was at home with no work whatsoever for a "staff day", but unlike what you might think, I didn't watch Season 7 Episode 4, titled "Unfinished Business" right away. I had seen a sneak peek clip for it featuring Mace Windu being savage as usual a few days back, since one of those gets uploaded to the Star Wars YouTube channel each week. I waited until my little brother, who still had school today, came back home from school so that we can watch it for the first time together, as is our tradition. So, I have already seen the episode a few hours ago. Now, here are my thoughts about it.

Straight up, I just want to say that in my opinion, this is the best episode that they've released for Season 7 thus far, by a mile. The other ones were definitely quite good, but in my opinion they felt too uneventful for the most part and just served as random exposition then slowly-fed plot points in between lots of action scenes, all of which were excellent. The story and characters were still interesting, but it still felt too short to be considered, well, The Clone Wars. But then, "Unfinished Business" came along and it changed all of that for me.

It was actually serving important plot points and exciting, non-cannon fodder action from start to finish. Now that the clones have found Echo, they must come to terms with the different person he is now that who we was before. Without spoiling anything, this leads to some very tense moments in their relationships as fellow soldiers about whether or not they can trust each other. Lightsabers swing (including a particular purple one), the Bad Batch demonstrates their unique personalities, the stakes are high, and one particular plot point was a long way coming and quite significant in the series. So yeah, this one went quite above and beyond in all aspects where the previous three didn't.

The animation is good, the acting is good, and so is the music. Honestly, this is just a good example of both Clone Wars and Star Wars content in general, and the less-subtle hints of Anakin's transformation into the events of the film Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, even with things like his slightly longer hair and his continued use of aggression against his rivals that isn't exactly very Jedi-like. The ending was particularly funny and foreshadowed earlier on in the episode, and you'll know what I'm talking about once you watch it, and I have to say that I like satisfying payoffs, however goofy, like that.

Mace Windu is cool, the Clone Troopers are all cool, and this is yet another example of The Clone Wars succeeding where the prequels didn't when it came to telling the story of the events before 1977's A New Hope. This is the high-quality content that George Lucas should have been able to pull off for the entirety of the prequel trilogy, but luckily we're getting brand-new, high-quality content set in this time period via The Clone Wars nowadays to make up for it.

This episode is highly worth a watch, and offers some good new character arcs and developments. I don't know if I'd give it a specific number from 1 to 100, but if I were to do so without putting much thought into it, this one gets a 99 (get it? Because Clone Force 99?). Actually, I don't know, a 95? Good enough? It doesn't waste time and feels eventful and will have you on the edge of your seat at many moments, and this is a good conclusion to the arc set up by the previous two episodes. With eight episodes left to go, I am beyond excited at where we can go next when it's already off to a phenomenal start!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Star Wars who hasn't seen any of The Clone Wars? Or are you a fan of The Clone Wars who hasn't watched these new episodes yet? If you watched them, what did you think of them? Did you agree with my sentiment that the fourth one was better than the previous three? Leave all of this in the comments below so that I can start a discussion with you all!

Anyways, this is Arca, signing off for now. Stay healthy everyone, and may the Force be with you.

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