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Minecraft Pocket Edition Builds: Diamond Shovel and Iron Sword Pixelart (0.15.0)

Hello, everybody! This is Arca, and according to the last poll, the two pixelart builds you wanted to see me build in Minecraft PE were a diamond shovel and iron sword. Also, my shoutout to Josh! So, without further ado, here are the builds! 

As shown above, my pixelart of a diamond shovel is digging up some of the ground. The diamond part of the shovel has many different shades of blue, and the handle consists of different shades of brown and different types of wood planks. I made a path from a shovel on the blocks that I dug up, to give it its color. There are some bits of dirt flying up, which also acts as parkour. 

As you can see above, my iron sword pixelart has white and grey for the iron part, with a black outline. The crossguard is grey, and so is the bottom. The handle is wooden. 


I hope you liked this post! Take a moment to vote on a Google+ survey about what Minecraft PE build I should make to show on my blog next. The two options that receive the most votes by Monday are the ones that I will make and show to you guys! Don't worry if the option you wanted doesn't get picked, I will put the remaining one in the next poll, as well as add new options. Here is the poll: 

Here is my previous Minecraft PE build and previous post, a yellow Angry Bird and pig on a block:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, and a post every day of the summer. I will see you next time. BBYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 


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