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The MISSING Cancun Day 5 (Isla Mujeres, MX) Vlog!

If video playback above doesn't work for you, watch this vlog here!:

This vlog is 3 years late. It was the continuation of the much-viewed Cancun blog series on The AABO Show, but on Day 5, when Arca (me) and Onur we’re exploring Isla Mujeres and Ali and Burak has already left. But now, with hours available of free time due to the quarantine, and a brand new editing software to boot, I have finally edited together Day 5 of Cancun (the TRUE missing “final day”) for you all to enjoy on my own channel, since it can’t qualify as an AABO Show video! Enjoy, and stay safe, everyone!

To see the complete playlist of all the days of my Cancun, Mexico trip (Days 1-4 featuring Ali and Burak, and Day 5 without them), go here!:

Be sure to check out my official YouTube channel, the new and permanent home of all non-AABO Show videos and vlogs that I will make!:

Now that I have a new editing software in the form of Adobe Premiere Elements 2020, and lots of time on my hands, expect me to edit together and make vlogs for all of the following "trips of Spring Break past"!:

  • Acadia National Park, Maine / U.S. Northeast Roadtrip 2017 Vlog(s)
  • 2017/2019 Skiing Footage (perhaps?)
  • 2018 Dominican Republic Trip with "Oha Dude" Ege- perhaps 2 videos, first one with him
  • 2019 Italy/Slovenia Road Trip Vlogs
  • 2019 Turks & Caicos FULL Vlog

Anyways, this is Arca, signing off for now. Have a good one!


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