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Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season 7 Episode 8 "Together Again" Review (spoiler-free)

Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Hey guys, this is Arca, and today I will be reviewing the new episode of The Clone Wars that released this morning, titled "Together Again". My spring break started today for me, so I won't have virtual schoolwork to do for a while and will be free (while still in-quarantine). In an alternate universe, I would have been on a cruise around China and other Asian countries with my cousins right now. In another alternate universe, I would be doing that exact trip alone, without  my cousins. In yet another universe, we would have flown to and arrived in Madrid, instead, today. But alas, the universe I'm in is the one where I'm stuck indoors all spring break but get to watch new Clone Wars final season episodes the morning of their day of release! So I'm going to continue reviewing this entire season, episode-by-episode (or, if I miss a week, I might do multiple episodes or an arc at a time), until it's finished! We only have four episodes, or one full arc, left after this.

Today's new episode continued where the last one left off, and is the conclusion to the arc set up by Episode 5 of Season 7, in which we see Ahsoka again after leaving the Jedi Order and she stumbles across the Martez Sisters. Now, they must stage yet another prison break, but don't worry, this one isn't dull or too similar to what came before. There are some legitimately tense and high-stakes moments and action that we haven't seen being done before (even if sneaking around guards, unlocking doors with the Force, etc. are things we've seen in this arc before).

It's still more good Clone Wars, and without spoiling specifics, what can I say? I will say that you shouldn't watch it if you haven't seen the previous episode, since there is indeed a bit of a spoiler for that previous one that I might've put in this thumbnail (oops). But it's not a big deal since that segways directly into the next episode and arc, as expected, anyways.

I will also say that the title doesn't mean what I thought it meant, and I won't spoil this, but likely if you are a fan of The Clone Wars or know much about its premise in any capacity, you might be surprised to find this out. That doesn't make the episode bad, however. But as it has been thus far in this season, you can clearly tell that they are saving the best (namely, Order 66 and the Siege of Mandalore, as evident by the trailers) for last.

Was this episode better than the previous episodes in this arc? I think so. At least the previous episode? Definitely. It doesn't have nearly as much character revelations and development as the previous one, but there is a pretty major story reveal/cliff-hanger near the end and as the more hardcore Star Wars fans familiar with the new canon would expect, it also ties somewhat neatly into what we've learned from the ending of 2018's movie Solo: A Star Wars Story that barely anyone actually watched, unfortunately (it was actually a very good and fun, albeit predictable, movie that I reviewed near its opening weekend nearly two years ago, check that post out here!:

The episode does a good job of taking what we learned about the Martez Sisters from the previous episode and giving Ahsoka a bit of a moral dilemma about what to do next based on this. Should she tell them that she was a former Jedi, or not, in their struggle to get free from the clutches of the crime lords the Pykes? Well, obviously, you can find out what she does by watching this new episode.

As a verdict, this episode has some intense action, despite one of those action scenes actually feeling utterly pointless in the end now that I think of it (I probably understood it wrong, but to not give it away but still get the point across to those who've already watched it; it had to do with a particular heist). The character development doesn't happen nearly as much, but it's still a fun watch with signature good qualities of The Clone Wars that has a big lore-related reveal that will go directly into the insane finale arc of this series that will begin next Friday. Frankly, I can't wait for that! But in the meanwhile, if I were forced to give this episode a ranking from 1 to 100, I'd go with my guy and say maybe an 85. I have spoken.

What did you guys think of this episode if you watched it? Let me know! Also, what are you guys spending your time with if your spring breaks started? Leave it in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out my previous post about the bizarre-looking but very interesting PS5 controller that was recently shown off by Sony, dubbed the "DualSense":

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This is Arca, signing off for now. Stay healthy and safe, and may the Force be with us all. Have a good one.


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