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Dominican Republic (feat. Ege) PART 3 Vlog- The Oha Finale!

If video playback above doesn't work for you, go here:

Hey guys, this is Arca. In the last vlog featuring Ege (part 3 out of probably 4) of my Dominican Republic vacation from 2 years ago, we do a little bit of everything; kayaking, enjoying the Caribbean Sea, and hanging out at the pool! Enjoy, and stay safe, everyone! :)

Here's a playlist full of all the parts of this vlog series in order thus far, which will be updated once the final video, Part 4, is uploaded (most likely tomorrow):

This is Arca, signing off for now. If you liked this vlog, be sure to like and subscribe, and maybe share it with a friend bored during the quarantine who would like to see some fun-to-watch footage of a very scenic place that most people won't be able to go to anytime soon. Have a good one!


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