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This is Arca. As of today, I will be making several key changes to this blog. Watch the video above at 3:00 AM on Wednesday (this post is scheduled to publish itself at midnight) to learn the details. But whatever you do, don't use fidget spinners at 3 AM!!!!<br />
<br />
To summarize:<br />
<br />
<li>I will leave this blog, likely for good.</li>
<li>I will switch (likely permanently) to using Hubpages, which is the company that acquired Squidoo, my third-grade blog platform.</li>
<li>Xiang will be free to do whatever he wants on this blog.</li>
<li>The AABO Show is cancelled.</li>
<li>Taner Baran is now my primary YouTube channel. I am quitting using Arca Baran.&nbsp;</li>
<li>If you're wondering about that epic music in the background, its name is Darude Sandstorm. You're welcome.</li>
<br /></div>
Check out my new blog here:</div>
Check out my new "primary" channel here: </div>
<br /></div>
This is Arca, signing off for the last time. Using signatures was annoying, anyways. This blog is in your hands now, Xiang. Whatever you do, don't download free Roblox oh no I see a black hole and I think I smell lettuce oh no---------------------------........kdfjsa;kjfdsak;jf eiodpjkjasd;jfelsjdkf;jjfas.f..sdf........</div>


  1. Good for you, Arca! I'm so happy that you are moving to Squido and removing The AABO Show. I've always thought that it had too many vlogs anyway. Well, good luck getting back 177513 views on your new blog and Happy Belated Birthday.

    Osman Abi


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