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Super Mario Maker Out Now for Wii U- Make your own Mario levels, and play levels made by other people!

  Ahhhh... Super Mario... A classic  platform enjoyed by many... Wait a minute! This is getting boring! If only I can make my own level, and make it not boring! And play levels made by others...
Well, now you can! (Note: The poster below says "Mario Maker" but they now changed the name to SUPER Mario Maker. )

It is really easy! You drag and drop things into the level, and even make your own combinations, like making Bowser huge, Goombas shooting fireballs, bad guys coming out of blocks, and more! You can even make flying blocks! 

You can use all of your favorite Amiibo, too! Amiibo are like Skylanders. When you put them on the base, they get into the game! There are also cool looking limited edition 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo, which come in two colors, modern and classic.

Build, play, share, the possibilities are infinite? How do you create?

Here are some trailers:


The game will also come with a special book.
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